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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : Discrete GPU on MacBook Pro (Message 146612)
Posted 42 days ago by Profile lunchboxkwdm
That didn't change anything. Now, I'm getting this new output in the log:

Sat Dec 12 15:00:22 2020 | PrimeGrid | Config: excluded GPU. Type: intel_gpu. App: all. Device: 0
Sat Dec 12 15:00:22 2020 | | Config: ignoring Intel GPU 0
Sat Dec 12 15:00:22 2020 | PrimeGrid | cc_config.xml: bad type 'intel_gpu' in GPU exclusion; valid types: ATI

Here's the relevant part of cc_config:

How do you change the device number? Both devices are listed as "0" on their own buses.
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : Discrete GPU on MacBook Pro (Message 146569)
Posted 43 days ago by Profile lunchboxkwdm
I've been testing some work units on my 2017 MacBook Pro to see what will actually run on the discrete GPU. For some context, the computer has both an Intel "integrated" HD Graphics 630 and an AMD "discrete" Radeon Pro 560, and can dynamically switch between the two, based on what is needed. Both are listed as "device 0" on their separate buses.

So far, I've gotten AP and WW to work with the AMD GPU, but PPS-sieve and all GFNs try to use the Intel device and fail. Has anyone else gotten PPS-sieve or GFN to work with this configuration? I know it's a niche setup, and if there's no answer, it's not a big deal. I'm enjoying chugging through WW work units.
3) Message boards : Fermat Divisor Search : Sweep stake % complete by end of challenge (Message 144296)
Posted 98 days ago by Profile lunchboxkwdm
4) Message boards : Number crunching : LLR2 installed on all big LLR projects (Message 143274)
Posted 132 days ago by Profile lunchboxkwdm
Having no luck on an I7 Mac mini, even after installing latest Boinc and resetting project.

It looks like the LLR2 wrapper was built for Mac OS X 10.15, but the Mac you're using is running something older.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Google Colab and its free GPUs (Message 139707)
Posted 281 days ago by Profile lunchboxkwdm
If I had to guess why it's doing this now, it's that Google is cheaping out on many of their giveaways. I'm involved with Startup Weekend, and they reduced the amount of free cloud computing from $3000 per person to $300. Their advertising business has taken a huge hit during the pandemic, and they were already trying to figure out how to stop hemorrhaging money.
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