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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : Donation page status (Message 4466)
Posted 5210 days ago by Profile [B^S] Paul@homeProject donor

a few weeks ago (november/december) I donated to the project via the Paypal link but did not receive any email confirmation of the transaction. I figured the card did not get auth'd or something (it was almost Christmas! ;) ) so some time later I tried again but again did not receive any confirmation.

a few days ago I got my Credit Card bill, and see that both transaction did actually go thru and have been debited from my account.

Can u confirm that you did actually get the funds? I am lookin at the donation history page but either it has not been updated or you did not get the money!


2) Message boards : Number crunching : Pending credit (Message 4222)
Posted 5248 days ago by Profile [B^S] Paul@homeProject donor
I am seeing lots of units (about 30) that are pening for this host but there are only 6 results showing as pending in home -> pending credit.

Of the results that are still pending, this work unit is an example. It has one result returned and pending validation which is not showing in the home -> pending list.

Also, this may be related, the minimum quorum on this unit (and several others i checked) is = 2, but the initial replication = 1... hence the WU wont get enough results to validate..



3) Message boards : General discussion : Team recruitment thread (Message 1367)
Posted 5690 days ago by Profile [B^S] Paul@homeProject donor
Boinc Synergy is definatley the way to go if you want to join a team! :)

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