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Posted 2384 days ago by fastgeek
In four weeks, temperatures here should be significantly lower. You'd better bring all that you have.

Thankfully temperature isn't an issue for me; climate controlled lab. :) There are a lot of systems I could bring online, but tend to focus on the more powerful ones instead. Probably at least 300 more cores of various sorts sitting around... really just a question of if I can feed them without blowing a breaker or something. :p Now, if I were a borger, like I'm sure some are, it would be a frighteningly different picture! <grin>

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Summer Paralympics Challenge (Message 98677)
Posted 2384 days ago by fastgeek
I rarely say this, but we actually could use a little help with the cleanup. ESP isn't a particularly popular project, and there's about 1500 cleanup tasks waiting to be sent out. That's probably 5 day's worth, and that's assuming no more tasks get cancelled. This is one of those rare times when you actually can help with a cleanup.

I'll help clean up ESP for a few days. Ran up to Sapphire in TRP-SV last challenge and am happy with that.

By the way, Zune-san, in case you're reading. :) Next time I'll make sure all my other sub-projects are cancelled and perhaps bother with turning off HT too... can't have you snatching first place from me like that at the last second like that again. ;) That being said, my idle hardware can change at any time, so we'll see what's happening in four weeks. :D
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