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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : Report prime manually (Message 80746)
Posted 3121 days ago by Stocker
Hi folks.

Looks, like I found my first prime. At least I got an email that says so. Is there a way I can report the prime myself to the Top5000-list? Or has Primegrid this to do for me? Because the email only tells me how I can do this automated.

Thanks in advance.
2) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : >>>Found Prime Numbers (Message 80288)
Posted 3148 days ago by Stocker
Thanks a lot.

And learned soemthing new. Because I thought, the bigger the better. ;)
3) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : >>>Found Prime Numbers (Message 80286)
Posted 3148 days ago by Stocker
I won't attempt to answer it from a mathematical perspective, mostly because I have no idea what the answer is, and you can look that up as easily as I can. What I can do is tell you how many primes have been found historically on some of our smaller projects. (For the larger primes, they are so rare that a historical count of the primes found is too small a data sample to be a reliable indicator of how likely you are to find one in the future.)

PPSE: 0.0143%
PPS: 0.126%
SGS: 0.0046%

Those numbers are taken from only the last three days, so the data set may be too small to get a good statistical sample.


Are these numbers up to date? And is my math correct that these means for PPS for example, that 1 out of 800 tests could be a prime and so PPS is the "easiest" subproject to get a prime?
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