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1) Message boards : Number crunching : The Dog Days of Summer Challenge (Message 39476)
Posted 3686 days ago by Profile Chris Halme
ATTENTION: The primality program LLR is CPU intensive; so, it is vital to have a stable system with good cooling. It does not tolerate "even the slightest of errors." Please see this post for more details on how you can "stress test" your computer. WU's will take ~10 min. on fast/newer computers and 20+ min. on slower/older computers. If your computer is highly overclocked, please consider "stress testing" it. Sieving is an excellent alternative for computers that are not able to LLR. :)

Does this mean that credit for PPS (Sieve) will count toward the challenge like the credit for PPS (LLR) will? I ask because of the last sentence of the quote.
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