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11) Message boards : Number crunching : Google Colab and its free GPUs (Message 139692)
Posted 44 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Have been using the Google Colab on and off for about a month now to run PrimeGrid and the last week it automatically "times out" with message it is stopped "due to Inactivity" after about one to two hours.

I know it's free to use... was wondering if there is anything I can do to keep it up and running for more than a hour?

On a related question how can I also attach my WuProp account along with PrimeGrid if I can get it to stay active for more than 6 hours at a time?
12) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : GFN-14 Consecutive Primes Hunt Season is open! (Message 139103)
Posted 68 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Getting a Couldn't connect to server ERROR MESSAGE yet the server satsus screeen is Green for the PRIVATE GFN SERVER project.
Task data as of 24 Mar 2020, 0:26:34 UTC

Add 5 hours to get UTC time to below: 23-Mar-2020 19:25:21 Failed to connect to port 30080: Timed out 23-Mar-2020 19:25:21 [PRIVATE GFN SERVER] [http] HTTP error: Couldn't connect to server 23-Mar-2020 19:25:21 [PRIVATE GFN SERVER] [http] HTTP error: Couldn't connect to server
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Tour de Primes 2020 (Message 138418)
Posted 92 days ago by Dr Who Fan
When does the 29th Mountain stage start for PST?

PST is UTC - 8 Hours.
You will subtract 8 hours from the start time 00:00:00 UTC on Feb 29...
Which equals 16:00:00 / 4:00:00 PM PST on Feb 28.
14) Message boards : General discussion : Happy Palindrome Day! (Message 137073)
Posted 119 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Maybe we can find a record number of and / or odd chance of world's largest prime tomorrow?
15) Message boards : Problems and Help : (CPU) GFN 16 SSE2 transform is past its b limit? (Message 137064)
Posted 119 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Had 4 task on 2 different PC's fail with the same error message as noted in bold below but also have successfully completed tasks prior and since then.
PC's have never had any problems are not overheating or overclocked.

Example task 1058768903
SSE2 transform is past its b limit.
Using x87 (80-bit) transform
Resuming 73813422^65536+1 from a checkpoint (1140439 iterations left)
Estimated time remaining for 73813422^65536+1 is 1:16:00

maxErr exceeded for 73813422^65536+1, 0.4688 > 0.4500
Errors occurred for all available transform implementations
Waiting 10 minutes before attempting to continue from last checkpoint...

The 4 failed tasks:
1058768903 640292445 525024 1 Feb 2020 | 11:00:20 UTC 1 Feb 2020 | 12:43:57 UTC Error while computing 2,343.88 2,237.98 --- Genefer 16 v3.21 (cpuGFN16) 1058729157 640272865 535172 1 Feb 2020 | 9:29:39 UTC 1 Feb 2020 | 13:35:26 UTC Error while computing 4,146.81 4,106.34 --- Genefer 16 v3.21 (cpuGFN16) 1058728250 640272421 535172 1 Feb 2020 | 9:26:54 UTC 1 Feb 2020 | 11:09:51 UTC Error while computing 2,163.37 2,143.39 --- Genefer 16 v3.21 (cpuGFN16) 1058705308 640261036 525024 1 Feb 2020 | 8:35:03 UTC 1 Feb 2020 | 10:22:24 UTC Error while computing 2,404.28 2,346.65 --- Genefer 16 v3.21 (cpuGFN16)
16) Message boards : Number crunching : 50 years First ARPANET Connection Challenge (Message 134031)
Posted 224 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Most communities do trick or treat the Saturday or Sunday before October 31st.

Not in Texas - still Oct 31st.

Many communities around me have "guideline hours" where they recommend trick-or-treating like 4 PM to 8 PM. They would prefer the "little ones" not be out in the dark without adult supervision.... etc.

Mu town has a big (free) party at our parks field house for the whole family starting at 6 PM... Games/contest, prizes, and a safe place for the kids to trick-or-treat for candy.
17) Message boards : General discussion : Researchers are performing integer factorization using modified MRAM (Message 132981)
Posted 254 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Researchers are performing integer factorization using modified MRAM

...The Purdue/Tohoku probabilistic computer uses a p-bit, which "rapidly fluctuate" between 0 or 1. In a whitepaper published in Nature on Wednesday detailing their proof-of-concept, researchers were able to factor 945 and 35,161 into primes using an 8 p-bit machine.
18) Message boards : General discussion : Stats on your cell phone link broken? (Message 132498)
Posted 273 days ago by Dr Who Fan
This is for WAP phones. Anybody here remember what WAP is? (or may be, ugh, even used it? :))

It's absolutely useless in 2019.

A WAP browser is a web browser for mobile devices such as mobile phones that uses the protocol. Introduced with much hype in 1999.
19) Message boards : General discussion : down? (Message 130568)
Posted 342 days ago by Dr Who Fan
David Anderson wrote:

The server died. Hopefully we'll have a new one up tomorrow.

That's Monday 24 June.
20) Message boards : General discussion : Maths whiz solves 48-year-old multiplication problem (Message 128556)
Posted 421 days ago by Dr Who Fan
From University of New South Wales: “Maths whiz solves 48-year-old multiplication problem”

A UNSW Sydney mathematician has cracked a maths problem that has stood for almost half a century which will enable computers to multiply huge numbers together much more quickly.

... “More technically, we have proved a 1971 conjecture of Schönhage and Strassen about the complexity of integer multiplication,” Professor Harvey says.

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