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1) Message boards : General discussion : US teens say they have new proof for 2,000-year-old mathematical theorem (Message 161249)
Posted 7 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Wishing these two young women great success in future endeavors.
If their proof is accepted that would be amazing!

US teens say they have new proof for 2,000-year-old mathematical theorem.
Two New Orleans high school seniors who say they have proven Pythagoras’s theorem by using trigonometry – which academics for two millennia have thought to be impossible – are being encouraged by a prominent US mathematical research organization to submit their work to a peer-reviewed journal.

Calcea Johnson and Ne’Kiya Jackson, who are students of St Mary’s Academy, recently gave a presentation of their findings at the American Mathematical Society south-eastern chapter’s semi-annual meeting in Georgia.

Link to the abstract paper.
The pair asserts: “We present a new proof of Pythagoras’s Theorem which is based on a fundamental result in trigonometry – the Law of Sines – and we show that the proof is independent of the Pythagorean trig identity sin2x+cos2x=1.” In short, they could prove the theorem using trigonometry and without resorting to circular reasoning.
2) Message boards : General discussion : Thought for the day (Message 160582)
Posted 44 days ago by Dr Who Fan
The Energizer Bunny was recently arrested for battery...
3) Message boards : Problems and Help : GFN 16 & 17 task fail with "Output file absent" (Message 159979)
Posted 59 days ago by Dr Who Fan
the E5300 is a REAL/PHYSICAL WIN 7 install not WINE/virtual. Have no problems on a REAL Windows.

Edit to add >> Don;t see how a slightly older version of BOINC would cause it to fail.
4) Message boards : Problems and Help : GFN 16 & 17 task fail with "Output file absent" (Message 159976)
Posted 59 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Why not Boinc on Ubuntu 18.04? It may fix it.

Had way too many problems with the Linux/Ubuntu BOINC app getting it running and couldn't get it to work and connect with Efmer's BoincTasks for remote control of client.
Also, some projects I run only have Windows apps.
5) Message boards : Problems and Help : GFN 16 & 17 task fail with "Output file absent" (Message 159950)
Posted 59 days ago by Dr Who Fan
GFN 16 & 17 task fail with "Output file absent"
All 8 Tasks ran for about 300 seconds (5 minutes) before failing.

Running BOINC Windows 7.16.20 under WINE / Ubuntu 18.04

example error message from within BOINC error log:
2/1/2023 12:35:08 AM | PrimeGrid | Output file genefer17mega_78407800c_1_r290569900_0 for task genefer17mega_78407800c_1 absent

Info from task page:
Exit status 1 (0x00000001) Unknown error code
Stderr output
Invalid function.
(0x1) - exit code 1 (0x1)</message>

Don't recall having this problem before the TDP running GFN task on this PC.
It successfully ran a PPSE and currently running a PPS for 30 minutes.
6) Message boards : Problems and Help : Boinc client cache and TdP? (Message 159948)
Posted 59 days ago by Dr Who Fan
If I recall, from last year's TDP there is hard limit on task for a short while to keep the server stable and running.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Tour de Primes 2023 (Message 159944)
Posted 59 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Web Site keeps timing out ...
Also having problems with a COMPUTER not saving a change of venue From Home to School, etc

... EDIT Did a update on the computer and it shows on the PC a change of venue but the page here on PG still showing old venue.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Issues connecting to Primegrid with Google Colaboratory (Message 159940)
Posted 59 days ago by Dr Who Fan
I was occasionally using Google Colaboratory's offerings to connect to Primegrid and work on WUs. Within the past week I started receiving msgs from the Primegrid server's stating, "[PrimeGrid] Project requested delay of 7 seconds." This goes on for sometime and the compute instance doesn't receive or process any work.

Does anyone know if this use case was shutdown by Primegrid or Google?

I started having the SAME or very similar problem several ago with Colab with several other BOINC projects and finally gave up trying to get it to work....

1) Sometimes it would connect and download a task or two but they appeared to never start running, would time out and refused connect to sent the timed out task back.
2) Most other times like you, it would not connect either by http or https to any BOINC project.

I messaged Google for help several times using the link provided within Colab and never received any reply to my questions.
9) Message boards : Problems and Help : How to merge 2 accounts with the same name? (Message 159476)
Posted 70 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Unfortunately, that is NO way to merger different accounts despite having the same "user name."

If you still have access to the email address that was associated with the old account you can use the "Forgot Password" option at the project login screen to have a recovery email sent there allowing you to change the password on you old account.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Beta testing of PRST app is open on "GFN Server" (Message 159274)
Posted 79 days ago by Dr Who Fan
... I've installed new Windows build, hopefully it'll fix the program.

Look like previous version was erroneously built with AVX instructions, which are not supported by your CPU.

Thank you stream, new Version 1.02 working so far without crashing.

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