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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : Pulled out 1 of 2 Video cards and now all computation errors... (Message 36542)
Posted 4386 days ago by DGG
Never mind....In tinkering some more and reading forum posts, I saw several people with 6900 series cards had to uninstall and reinstall several times to get OpenGL to be recognized. I followed a poster's suggestions to use GPUz to see if driver was showing OpenGL as supported. (It wasn't but should have been). I uninstalled all ATI/AMD software again and reinstalled, rebooted etc. I guess the third reinstall was the charm as it now is working OK and properly recognizing the OpenCL. Not sure why so many uninstall/reinstalls were necessary but it did the trick.
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : Pulled out 1 of 2 Video cards and now all computation errors... (Message 36540)
Posted 4386 days ago by DGG
My working setup was: An ATI 6970 running DNET, Milkyway, Primegrid, and Collatz and serving my only monitor. The secondary card was a Nvidia 9800GT running Seti and Einstein. The PC processor is an AMD X6 1090T and I ran numerous CPU projects. The OP system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. All 6 of the GPU apps and CPU apps ran fine without any problems.

I decided to move the older Nvidia 9800 card into another PC I was setting up for a friend and pulled it from this PC. I uninstalled the Nvidia software and set Einstein and Seti to now do CPU tasks since there would be only the ATI card in this system. The 4 same apps (DNET, Milkyway, Primegrid, and Collatz) are still set to run on the ATI 6970. I am (and was) running Catalyst 11.5 drivers for the 6970.

I started BOINC manager and walked away for a while. I later discovered that only Prime Grid was giving immediate computation errors as soon as BM tried to run a workunit. MW, DNET, Collatz were all running fine.

So I detached Primegrid and rebooted the PC. Then, reattached Prime Grid and still got the "Computation Errors". So I thought maybe the ATI drivers got hosed. So I uninstalled Catalyst 11.5, rebooted, and reinstalled Catalyst 11.5 and rebooted. Still got the computation errors. Again detached Prime Grid and Reattached it. Still every Prime Grid unit gives immediate Computation errors.

Again, all3 of the other apps run fine, just not Prime Grid.

My cconfig has the line to use all coprocessors but hasn't had any modifications from me since the card removal. Could this be a problem? Anybody have any ideas on whats going on?

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Haven't got any CUDA Work... (Message 28028)
Posted 4579 days ago by DGG
OK, Ill just try to be patient and wait till the next round then...

I just wanted to be sure my GPU hadn't become too weak to be allowed WUs here as it did on Milkyway some time back.

Thanks for the info all....
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Haven't got any CUDA Work... (Message 28013)
Posted 4579 days ago by DGG
My preferences are set to allow all kinds of Prime Grid applications, CUDA only. I haven't got a Prime Grid workunit for either my desktop or laptop unit since November 13th. Have the CUDA WUs dried up or something?
5) Message boards : General discussion : Windows 7 and BOINC 6.6.20 no graphics? (Message 15468)
Posted 5138 days ago by DGG
The Windows 7 I was running was the Prerelease one from about a week or two ago. Who knows if the final version later this year will be better optimized or not. I may not purchase Windows 7 anyway to find out.

I also ran Ubuntu 9.04 and Kubuntu 9.04 for a very short time on that same multiboot system too. Ubuntu Linux was observably faster than Win 7 as well. Based on my view of the progress, that Linux version was faster than Win 7 but about the same as 32-bit XP Pro. I didn't see any observable difference between Ubuntu and Kubuntu for speed.

But like it was just said, slower systems can fool you into thinking they're better because they ask for more credit. I guess this is because of the extended CPU time? I've never done the math on a large number of the WUs to verify or deny it. My observations were based on just observing the progress speed only a few WUs.

I've also heard that older CPU machines and video cards aren't really optimized to Win7's way of doing things and don't perform as well as on Windows 7. While I've also been told the older stuff would perform better on XP which wasn't designed around the newer chips and GPUs. I've also been told it makes a difference whether it's the 64-bit or the 32-bit versions.

It would be interesting if one of the power crunchers who do lots of work units on similar hardware but different op systems had the time to do the math to figure it out. Problem is my slower PC (Pentium 4 - 3GHz) can't complete enough work units fast enough to make any of my tests valid.
6) Message boards : General discussion : Windows 7 and BOINC 6.6.20 no graphics? (Message 15456)
Posted 5138 days ago by DGG
Just an update to what I was encountering earlier...

I was dual booting between Windows 7 and Windows XP Pro. I had originally switched all my BOINC stuff over to the Win 7 OS. But as a test today, I refired up Prime Grid on the XP unit because I had noticed a slower performance on some other projects too.

The PG screensavers that were dying with C++ errors I mentioned before all work fine in XP. No sign of any errors using XP. On both the XP and Win7 OS (on the same computer) I was using 6.6.20 BOINC Manager. So the problem is apparently Win 7 related.

Another thing I noted is that the Prime Grid WUs (as well as all my other project's work units) are running about 30% faster on XP than they did on Win 7. The screensavers also are visibly improved in performance by a huge margin. So if anyone is curious about using BOINC and/or Prime Grid with Win 7, I'd say you're probably better off with XP.
7) Message boards : General discussion : Windows 7 and BOINC 6.6.20 no graphics? (Message 15385)
Posted 5141 days ago by DGG
Sorry for that rant...

Just felt my buttons being pushed for about the 400th time today.

Apologies to all.....
8) Message boards : General discussion : Windows 7 and BOINC 6.6.20 no graphics? (Message 15383)
Posted 5141 days ago by DGG
Thanks for the no screensaver advise it is appreciated...

I don't crunch for the points or the science on my old Pentium 4 3Ghz. I don't let the PC work on BOINC automatically. My screensavers also only run when I manually turn them on. I use my PC heavily for non-BOINC tasks like video editing/processing at all times of the 24 hour clock and do not contribute massive amounts of time to BOINC and probably never will.
I frequently wipe my drives clean and reinstall op systems to test. I have both the CPU threads set to allow only 60% of the CPU and the graphics to get 40%. I manually turn on and off BOINC processing to always run or to not run at all when I am using it.

To be honest, I've just detached from Prime Grid as the screensavers on the two projects mentioned give C++ error boxes after they have run a short while and drop out back to the desktop. I like the short WUs Prime grid provided and the availability of them but without a good working screensaver, I won't stick with it.

I know the power crunchers hate the screensavers. But frankly, the original purpose of BOINC was to allow people to do some good with their CPU while they not processing. It's fine to setup a machine to power crunch day and night if that's what interests the person, but I find I'm constantly reprimanded on the boards for not "optimizing" my machine to BOINC. BOINC is extremely low on my priority list of what I do with my PC. I am not well enough off financially to go out and buy a faster PC so I work with what I've got. I'm sorry if the power crunchers don't understand that.

I've only been with BOINC a few months. I've tried about 20 projects. I look for work units that can be processed in under 24 hours, have a screen saver, have plenty of work units on a regular basis, don't leave my credit earned in pending status for more than a few hours, and are nearly bug free. I've only found only 1 so far that I would consider to fit that bill (Docking@home). I'm somewhat dismayed at how unreliable and poorly managed most of the BOINC network is. I used to process for SETI back before the BOINC days and enjoyed it. In the business world so many outages and poorly developed buggy software would not be tolerated. In the college/volunteer based computing world this seems to be common.

I'm now only crunching on Docking@home and LHC@Home in the rare instances they have work units.

I don't want to sound so negative, as the people on this thread have been very helpful. But I'm just so tired of being preached at for wanting a decent screensaver.
9) Message boards : General discussion : Windows 7 and BOINC 6.6.20 no graphics? (Message 15355)
Posted 5142 days ago by DGG
Wow fast response!

I'll try those two.....Thankyou...
10) Message boards : General discussion : Windows 7 and BOINC 6.6.20 no graphics? (Message 15353)
Posted 5142 days ago by DGG
I'll want one that has screensaver and does under 24 hour work units.

I see the descriptions for average time for each task in the preferences. I've chosen tasks under 24 hours to complete.

Do you know which ones DO have the screensaver for 32-bit Windows 7 and still have average completion times of under 24 hours? I'll work on those instead.


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