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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Top Badges Leader Board (Message 134924)
Posted 4 days ago by HonzaProject donor
Badge score?
Each level +1 point?

I'm using it in my signature for a quite time but usually forget to update it.
And compare it with others...
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Multithread Inquiry (Message 134877)
Posted 6 days ago by HonzaProject donor
I would also consider FFT size vs CPU cache.

If a single task FFT size fits within CPU cache, it may be of benefit to run just one task.
And more so if slow memory and/or only single channel memory.

But yeah, SGS or PPSe, run a single threaded, definitely not unlimited.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Highest primary find / double check ratios? (Message 134588)
Posted 15 days ago by HonzaProject donor
Those are all early stages of PG.

One of my smallest primes from 2010 is 17,434 digits.
Today, such LLR test can be done in less one second.
I could literally perform a milion similar tests in one day!

Anyway, there is no way to beat such a ratio today.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Better multi-threading (Message 134449)
Posted 19 days ago by HonzaProject donor
So this might not be the correct thread but I have a request if possible. Currently, any task in progress doesn't show any/or much detail about the task and I understand why but would it at least be possible to show if the task is running multi-threaded with the number of cores?

That way if you think your multi-thread is setup it would at least verify.

I would suggest BoincTask, column Use.
It's perhaps the best way to see what's going on among your hosts, all tasks that are on clients...and you can manage it from there unlike on web.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Manual Seventeen or Bust? (Message 134408)
Posted 20 days ago by HonzaProject donor
Use preferences.
You can then setup Home for let's say SoB only, School for 321 LLR and then Work to PPS.
Then asign desired computers to those venues.
6) Message boards : Problems and Help : Changed my AMD cards for nVidia cards, and now getting AP27 errors (Message 134264)
Posted 24 days ago by HonzaProject donor
Bottom line: If you are switching from AMD/ATI to nVidia, use the AMD Cleanup Utility to fully remove AMD Catalyst before installing the nVidia GEForce drivers.

Or use DDU - Display Driver Uninstaller.
Works for both nVidia and AMD and is usefull it something goes wrong during updating drivers etc.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges III (Message 134089)
Posted 30 days ago by HonzaProject donor
Took a year (from double amethyst) but finally...


Got and two to go.
8) Message boards : Project Staging Area : PSA/PRPNet challenge in 2020 ??? (Message 134002)
Posted 33 days ago by HonzaProject donor
There are not much options, honestly.

With DIV running on BOINC, 121 nor 27.

We can push FPS or PRS - I'm tempted to run after my last badges get upgraded anyway :-)

Would like to see WFS and WSS running again, even on BOINC.

So, FPS or PRS. Perhaps both and combine them?
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges III (Message 133953)
Posted 35 days ago by HonzaProject donor
10) Message boards : Project Staging Area : Is it technically possible to move factorial and primorial searches to BOINC? (Message 133876)
Posted 37 days ago by HonzaProject donor
I think the factorial and primorial searches would become much more popular if they were moved to BOINC.

It would - badge hunters would do the job.
And it would push our leading edge *much* higher beyond current 262000!+1

I would also like to see FPS and PRS on BOINC - because of double-checking.

On the other hand, PRPNet is suitable for some instances - no need to install anything, slower computers can play nicely there (no hurry to be first).

Question may be - is it worth the effort? Is it a priority?

On a side note - I remember that calculating credit and/or candidate digits may not be easy.

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