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11) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : GFN21 GFN22 Scoreboard, post your times/hardware (Message 106526)
Posted 1710 days ago by puh32
Recently ran my first GFN21 and 22 tasks on my GTX 980 Ti:

GFN22 - Run time (sec): 187,099.15 - CPU time (sec): 658.23 - Genefer 22 v3.13 (OCLcudaGFNWR)

GFN21 - 95,441.37 - 289.42 - Genefer 21 v3.13 (OCLcudaGFN)
GFN21 - 96,064.81 - 293.05 - Genefer 21 v3.13 (OCLcudaGFN)

Nothing else than BOINC was running on the computer.

12) Message boards : Project Staging Area : 2017 PRPNet Challenges - Discussion and Dates (Message 105791)
Posted 1733 days ago by puh32
( Don't forget March 30, the Bunsen Burner Day.

Or March 20, the World Sparrow Day.

Plenty to choose from.

There is even a "Alien Abduction Day" these days (March 20, like the sparrows). Not sure how that one is celebrated though. )
13) Message boards : Problems and Help : Windows 10 reboots after upgrades (Message 105420)
Posted 1743 days ago by puh32
I suppose I'm not the only one who is frustrated by the way Windows 10 reboots after upgrades, "when nobody is using the computer".

Problem is, I use the computer. I just don't move the mouse.

Very frustrating to realize that you have "lost" a couple of days of computation just because Win10 decided to reboot at some point right before the weekend.

I read that there is nothing you can do about this except make changes in the registry / turn off updates altogether. Can that really be true?

14) Message boards : General discussion : Linux 14% faster than Win for SGS (Message 104516)
Posted 1768 days ago by puh32
I speculate:

You have both a virus protection program and a malware protection program running in the background (Windows). That's at least what I have.

You have neither of those on your Linux machine. At least I don't.

15) Message boards : Number crunching : tasks mislabelled as abandoned (Message 103899)
Posted 1781 days ago by puh32
>Looks to me like they're separate. They just have very similar id's: 514770 and 514470.

Ouch... stupid of me! (I did, in fact, misunderstand something :)

16) Message boards : Number crunching : tasks mislabelled as abandoned (Message 103897)
Posted 1781 days ago by puh32
I'm probably misunderstanding something here.

My two main PrimeGrid computers have the same "Computer ID" and cannot be told apart in, for example, the "In progress tasks for...".

Is this not the way things are supposed to be?

These computers are miles apart and were never physically co-located. Both were installed with the Berkeley BOINC release (on different occasions). I have never moved files between them.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : FACT: If you have slow GPU, you will not ever be the first to find a prime. (Message 103809)
Posted 1782 days ago by puh32
>Finally, I'm not sure whether BOINC can be configured to do what you're suggesting.
> I suspect it can, but we've never looked into it.

A solution that would not necessitate any major technical changes, and that would not bring about any delays with double checking, would be to make both the initial discoverer and the wingman formal discoverers of the prime: INITIAL_FINDER, WINGMAN, Primegrid, ...

But I'll let that option rest now.
18) Message boards : Project Staging Area : Do we get to propose additional PRPNet projects? (Message 102787)
Posted 1803 days ago by puh32
OK, thanks.

>It turned out to be impractical.

Too bad. It would have added quite some spice to my searches. (Right now, due to the Wall-Sun-Sun bug, I can only search for Wieferich primes on this CPU-only machine. In the context of "Wieferich-style" searches, that is.)
19) Message boards : Project Staging Area : Do we get to propose additional PRPNet projects? (Message 102746)
Posted 1805 days ago by puh32
I probably misunderstood something, but here we go.

If the "Generalized Cullen/Woodall Prime Search" is being moved from PRPNet to PrimeGrid proper, does that mean that a server slot is freed up?

If so, I’d like to propose a Wieferich-style search for Wilson or Wolstenholme primes (ideally both!).

My request is probably unrealistic or impractical for one reason or the other. Just wanted to bring this up.
20) Message boards : Sophie Germain Prime Search : Sophie Germain Prime Search (Message 101926)
Posted 1823 days ago by puh32
OK, thanks guys, good to know.

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