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1) Message boards : Prime Sierpinski Problem : About the Prime Sierpinski Problem (Message 13896)
Posted 4261 days ago by Profile Cesium_133*
This is flippin' neat, this number theory stuff. It allows me to participate in advanced mathematics without knowing anything about it! :D

Now my question, directed at this thread:

Is there a substantive, actual, real use for Prime Sierpinski numbers, or is this an exercise in computing power? I know nothing of this advanced math, nothing at all; I know what primes are, and I know (2^n)-1 is prime when n is a prime #. Beyond that, I know of no actual uses for prime numbers, although I hear they are used in cryptography in some form or fashion.

Basically, what will be advanced by learning what the smallest PS # is? Is it cryptography, probability, physics, something else, none of the above? I am curious... again, I have no math knowledge above Algebra II, so I'm learning here... :) John...
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