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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : download (Message 76461)
Posted 2204 days ago by em
Many thanks yes that seem to have fixed it , sorry i forgot to say which host computer it was , i looked at the site but could not find a place for direct download. But all seem to be fine and again many thanks :-) .
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : download (Message 76441)
Posted 2205 days ago by em
turned off antivirus, firewall, malware, still will not download . Under Transfer , Size i notice it starts at 34.12 mb the gets to 63.21/32.12 mb then backs off under Speed it get to 2500KBps
3) Message boards : Problems and Help : download (Message 76423)
Posted 2206 days ago by em
disk usage used by BOINC 217.24MB
free, available to BOINIC 99.79.GB
free not available to BOINIC 793.06 GB
used by other programs 38.36
disk and memory setting
Use at most 100.00 GB disk space
Leave at least 0.00 GB disk space free
Use at most 50.00 %of total disk spce
Task checkpoint to disk at most every 60 seconds
Use at most 75% of page file(swap space)
Memory usage
Use at most 50% when computer is in use
Use at most 90% when computer is idle
unchecked Leave app in mem while supended
i didnt mention that this only happens with my older computer running win 8,1 64 bit
4) Message boards : Problems and Help : download (Message 76407)
Posted 2208 days ago by em
primegrid_cllr64_3.8.13 windows_x86_64.exe will not down load it gets to about 34% states it 100% then restarts, its been like this for a few days. I have reset project, and aborted down load but has'nt helped .
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