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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Suggestions for 2020 Challenges (Message 134384)
Posted 809 days ago by theAy
Thanks for your feedback on my "LLR+GFN combined challenge" @Michael and @dthonon. That makes sense.

Here are some ideas for the 2020 challenge series:

* conjectures: (all 5 projects, or at least 4 of them)

* GPU projects: since AP27 has reached its goal recently (AP27 found) and PPS Sieve isn't urgent, it would nice to have two GFN challenges, a small one (e.g. GFN15..17) and a large one (e.g. GFN20+)

* Sieve projects: none of them is urgent, i.e. needs to be pushed.

* other LLR:
** CUL/WOO: we had no challenge in 2019, --> maybe a combined challenge in 2020 (as we had it in 2016)?
** PPS-DIV, just because it is new and cool :-)

Best regards,
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Suggestions for 2020 Challenges (Message 134286)
Posted 812 days ago by theAy
What about a challenge that combines CPU and GPU projects, e.g. LLR + GFN?

Something like:
* MEGA Challenge -> PPS-MEGA + GFN-17-MEGA
* Top10 World Record Challenge --> SOB + GFN-21,22,DYFL
* 'Small ones' Challenge --> SGS + GFN-15
* ...

Or would the administrative effort too high?

3) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : GFN-16 MEGA Prime Search starts March, 14, 2019 (Message 132156)
Posted 881 days ago by theAy
How many digits? Smallest Mega on PG is 1,000,075. Is it going to be bang on 1,000,000?

Yes, everything up to bmin + 10^10 has exactly 1,000,000 digits.


bmin^65536 + 1 is 1.000000000002196... × 10^999999
and (bmin + 10^6)^65536 is still 1.0000361... × 10^999999

according to Yves Gallots estimator there should be more than 50,000 GFN-16 primes with exactly 1,000,000 digits :-)
4) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : Suggestion: a 5-7-9 Proth project (Message 132040)
Posted 888 days ago by theAy
Interesting idea, such an low-k Proth project.

I have done a small visualization of what has been done so far in the current Proth pojects and added the k n = const and k n^3 = const curves, normalized at the status of the 321 project.

After PPS reached the starting point of MEGA, maybe it can be utilized as a "low-k PPS" in order to close the gap below the k n^3 = const curve?

Best regards,
5) Message boards : Sieving : GFN Optimal Sieving Levels (Message 130331)
Posted 951 days ago by theAy
Oh nice, there is new work available. Therefore, the current status of the manual sieving is

current new optimal percentage n depth depth done 15 26000P 26000P 100% 16 66382P 120000P 55% 17 175466P 250000P 70% 18 300010P 420000P 71% 19 429395P 460000P 93% 20 242000P 300000P 80% 21 900000P 900000P 100% 22 753200P 950000P 79%
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges - Full Sets! (Message 128543)
Posted 1019 days ago by theAy
Now, I am looking forward to the (re)opening of 321 Sieve to go for the full set of silver one more time :-)

Finally, with I did the (active) full set of silver badges the second time :-)

7) Message boards : Problems and Help : downloaded 1 WU but 2 WUs "in progress" (Message 127919)
Posted 1042 days ago by theAy
The tasks tab has 2 settings for the 1st button under "Commands" on the left.
One is "Show all tasks" and one is "Show active tasks".
You'll want the button to read "Show active tasks".

Oh. That was easy. Thanks. Obviously, the problem was not the client but the user. :-D
8) Message boards : Problems and Help : downloaded 1 WU but 2 WUs "in progress" (Message 127907)
Posted 1043 days ago by theAy
Now, after the first WU was done the second appeared in the BOINC client while it was set to "no new work"...
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Is PrimeGrid sieving too much? (Message 127893)
Posted 1043 days ago by theAy
There is a lot more PPS sieving because we're working on n ranges far beyond where our LLR testing is going on. We're currently sieving n=6M-9M to about p=900P and will then sieve n=9M-12M to p=1600P. Meanwhile PPS LLR is at n=2.71M, PPSE is at 1.53M and PPS Mega is at n=3.61M. The only place where we're actually using the higher sieving now is on PRPNet k=27 and k=121.

The interesting question would be: when do we expect to need those sievefiles (except some special values of k such as 27 and 121)?

according to the current 10+ years goal is running PPS LLR up to (at least) 5M.

Doesn't it make more sense to stop the Sieve after 6..9M range is done and wait until LLR reaches the same order of magnitude?

10) Message boards : Problems and Help : downloaded 1 WU but 2 WUs "in progress" (Message 127886)
Posted 1044 days ago by theAy
Thanks for the answers. In this case I will just ignore it and wait until it expires..


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