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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Magellan 500th Anniversary Challenge (Message 145539)
Posted 332 days ago by Profile Crystal PelletProject donor
Why are so many aborted? I can see some people aborting DC tasks, but those aren't counted here.

Aborting all long runners, cause no avx support and those tasks
have estimated time left with 9.00 Cullen (LLR) (mt-4-cores) 196:43:18
and Time until end of Magellan 500th Anniversary challenge: 155:09:00
2) Message boards : News : 321 Sieve is over (Message 145153)
Posted 343 days ago by Profile Crystal PelletProject donor
I have a 321_20190301.sieveinput file in PrimeGrid's project folder (6750 kB).

That file should automatically deleted by any type of client-server request, I suppose. It doesn't.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : √Čvariste Galois's Birthday Challenge (Message 144654)
Posted 362 days ago by Profile Crystal PelletProject donor
I'm responsible for 171 aborted tasks.
In spite of having the cache buffer set to 0.04 + 0.01 additional, tasks kept on flowing to one of my machines. No idea why.
From the about 750 tasks, I crunched the certificate ones (about 375) and aborted 171 from the normal long runners (more aborts to come tomorrow).
4) Message boards : Problems and Help : Tasks fetched 2 minutes before previous ends (Message 144610)
Posted 363 days ago by Profile Crystal PelletProject donor
After upgrading my BOINC client is pre-fetching work (downloading a new WU when the current one is at ~90%) even though "resource share" and "maintain enough work for" is both set to zero.
Anybody else experience this? Any way to disable that?

Adding to this discussion.

The new work_fetch policy is 180 seconds + least work buffer + additional work buffer.
Since BOINC client's procedure "work_fetch" is running every 60 seconds and when using 0 + 0 (zero) buffer, work will be requested between 120 and 180 seconds before 1 core will run idle.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Cannot run GFN/GPU Tasks on my AMD R9 290x Graphics Cards (Message 91076)
Posted 2110 days ago by Profile Crystal PelletProject donor
Lost my way, any help would be great.

Is BOINC running as a service on that machine?
6) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : GFN Status by n-Range (17-22) (Message 90521)
Posted 2133 days ago by Profile Crystal PelletProject donor
N=15 (32768) Has been switch from OCL3 to OCL2.

Surprisingly, the loss of speed was smaller than I was expecting. My tasks went from about 65 seconds to about 108 seconds.

No more Genefer 32768 v3.11 (atiGFN15) on my AMD Radeon HD 7770 anymore:

v3.10 OCL3: 180 seconds wall time (55 seconds CPU)

v3.11 OCL2: 864 seconds wall time (80 seconds CPU)

864 seconds was a fast one. The second task needed 910 seconds.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : LLR checkpoint frequency (Message 89914)
Posted 2160 days ago by Profile Crystal PelletProject donor
From looking at the code (albeit 3.8.8 which is pretty recent but not the latest and greatest) the coded-in default is 30 minutes. However, it looks like this can be overridden in the llr.ini file. Those .ini files in my current (again, not the most up-to-date) boinc directories reset the value to 10 minutes. Look for llr.ini.*, and look at the value for "DiskWriteTime" in them. Your prpnet instances may not include that value, so it would fall back to 30 minutes in those cases.


Not looking at the code, but what's happening, it seems the '10' in llr.ini seems to be 10 seconds and not 10 minutes.
8) Message boards : Problems and Help : app_config help needed (Message 69497)
Posted 2942 days ago by Profile Crystal PelletProject donor
Unfortunately, neither of both helps. It keeps downloading 8 SOB units. Plus when all TRPsieve units run out, it won't download any unless you abort 4 waiting SOB units.

Unresolvable, huh? :(

The only action you can take, is when you have 4 SoB's running, adjust PrimeGrid's preference here and deselect SoB until the 4 are almost ready.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Does GPU usage have a throttle? (Message 68708)
Posted 2979 days ago by Profile Crystal PelletProject donor
eFMer TThrottle
10) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : Source code of Genefer for OpenCL is available. (Message 68695)
Posted 2980 days ago by Profile Crystal PelletProject donor
Do other people see this or is this just my host?

I set the priority of the process geneferocl-windows.exe to lowest and keep all 8 threads 100% busy with TRP_sieve (so total 9 BOINC tasks running).
I don't have such a fast card, so no results ready, but after 13 hours running the cpu usage is only 4.1% and that low usage has no negative influence
on the total elapsed time of the task. Task manager shows most of the time 0%.

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