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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Race to the New Moon Challenge (Message 76751)
Posted 2063 days ago by PrimeGrid Admin
The "Race to the New Moon Challenge" is now over. I am currently at position 157 on "the list" and it appears that there are 10 other individuals above me (at this time) who crunched without a team. Assuming nothing else changed, does that mean my score for this Challenge is 494? I still have a few Pending Work Units which were turned in before the deadline and I am also hoping to finish the remaining units rather than abort. I will be interested to see what my total work will be for Cullen in another week or two. It was "fun" to participate in this Challenge with other people although I would have liked a little more chatter, maybe a live chat room rather than just a forum. Thank you all.
2) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : >>>Found Prime Numbers (Message 76437)
Posted 2075 days ago by PrimeGrid Admin
Is there any significance to a found prime, even a special badge or double points? Will this be posted somewhere eventually? I did a few Google searches but didn't really find any more information on this subject. What is the mathematical probability of me (or any other user) finding a prime? I'd just like some more general information since I couldn't find much on the Primegrid site.

Prime number list for participant "CableGuyATX"
Prime Digits Subproject Prime Score
7393*2^1267734+1 381,630 (decimal) Proth Prime Search 30.805
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