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1) Message boards : Number crunching : gpu primes ? or only cpu primes ? (Message 36468)
Posted 3888 days ago by Profile
something i never thought of and may have been missed by me seeing as i only use gpu's and not any cpu's on this project
do you get gpu primes ? or are they alot harder to find or am i never going to find one while only using my GPU's to do work here ?

best regards
2) Message boards : Number crunching : quick question about badge colours (Message 36415)
Posted 3890 days ago by Profile

is the sort of red badge the highest badge there is ?
i mean is there a 10 million credit badge or do you just move onto other subprojects to get badges once youve reached red ?

best regards
3) Message boards : Problems and Help : Error setting the PrimGrid preferences. (Message 36354)
Posted 3893 days ago by Profile

I'm trying to only crunch GPU work on this project too but try as i might even after doing the above and switching everything that says CPU next to it things go back to what seems like default although the box at the top for CPU usage does still stay unchecked

is there an easy fix for this ?

4) Message boards : Number crunching : The 580 which is best ? (Message 35446)
Posted 3925 days ago by Profile

so it seems that getting factory OC card and upping maybe a little futher is the best way to go for stable results 24/7 ?

best regards
5) Message boards : Problems and Help : ram clock throttling ??? (Message 35294)
Posted 3931 days ago by Profile

I've never heard of overclocking a shader before and wouldnt know how to do it ?
doesnt overclocking the clock speed of the gpu do the same thing ?

is PG the only project that this works on or does it work on others such as MW with ATI cards ?
yet again i've never seen overclocking a shader in an ATI card either
maybe this is just an nvidia card option as i dont have one yet i dont know

looks like when i do get an nvidia card i'll have to do some testing on ram clock settings per work done as heat disapation even a small bit is always welcome

thanks for your help guys

any help on the above would be great too lol

best regards
6) Message boards : Problems and Help : ram clock throttling ??? (Message 35195)
Posted 3933 days ago by Profile

never thought of differances between nvidia and Ati cards making a differance something else to think about and could need an answer from those in the know
i haved twin 5979's too on milkyway at present but as your probably aware there WU cashe allowance is pityful for cards like twin 5970 hook ups as the cashe is eaten up in 15 mins depending on overclock

of course maybe the longer and shorter WU on this project need various amounts of RAM i havent tested anything on here yet so would have to rely on your testing or if one of the programmers was around theirs

thank you very much for your help

any more help would be nice from admin programmers etc

best regards
7) Message boards : Problems and Help : ram clock throttling ??? (Message 35187)
Posted 3933 days ago by Profile

Ram clock throttling works on milkyway to reduce heat also saves electricity
is the same thing true of this project ?
throttling makes no differance on that project to work done by the card as its not ram intensive

best regards
8) Message boards : Number crunching : The 580 which is best ? (Message 35119)
Posted 3935 days ago by Profile

there seems to be so many various versions of the 580 which by default produces the most credit

best regards

9) Message boards : Number crunching : GTX 590 (Message 34890)
Posted 3941 days ago by Profile

where did David go ? he seems to have used the 590 one day got 400,000 credits then stopped using it
i was really interested in his results for one card over time
the card will not scale to 3 million credits no card does if you add more cards there combined performance drops especially using 3 cards together

3 cards in 3 seperate machines youd probably do 3 million quite easily

but use power running 3 entirely differant machines to get to your 3 million plus

i hope nothing has happend to Davids new card and would be interested in anybody else doing trials on this new card

best regards
10) Message boards : Number crunching : sli/crossfire (Message 34606)
Posted 3947 days ago by Profile

i'm new to this project but have been running twin two core 5970's on milkyway quite happily x-fired and crunching 4 work units seperatly so its more than possible

plus if you look at the top computers on this site pages there are lots of people who are using two seperate gpu's to crunch some achieving credits of well over a million
so i'm not sure whether you mean using these cards completely seperately ?
but if thats true or that they just dont work in x-fire?
will that mean that the new nvidia 590 will never work on this project because of having twin cores onboard ?

best regards

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