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Posted 1314 days ago by Profile DoESProject donor
I went through a similar heartache just last week when my i7 6700k went to heaven to meet its maker. Along with the CPU, the motherboard died as well.

I checked locally for a new board but no luck. I checked a very good supplier in Germany whom I have used in the past and again no luck. On to eBay and nothing new but some overpriced used boards. All of this in relation to the MSI H110M Pro-VD which I prefer since it allows me to clone disks from one system for use on another given the parity of the motherboard (aforementioned model) and CPU's (all SkyLakes).

For the price of a used mobo and i7 6700k, I can get a brand new i7 8700k. The system for it is totally built and available with the CPU being the only outstanding item. As a result, I am actively looking on eBay for a good deal on a new i7 8700k.

I cringe at the thought that my existing three SkyLake systems may have a problem in the future for the aforementioned reasons. I realize it is a reflection of progress being made but it really sucks not being able to get a new mobo which was readily available just 12-18 months ago.

Yeah -- I am EBAY hunting as we speak -- Finally! I have my PSU on the way -- Will take a couple of weeks but with luck I might get 2 of these dual CPU xeons going (4 x 16 cores) -- thats 64 cores -- I just don't want to pay too much for used shit.
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Posted 1314 days ago by Profile DoESProject donor
I still reckon you were in prison.

Garbage truck arrives -- Hey Mate Where's ya bin?

Mate- I bin visiting my cousin in Townsville

Garbage Truck -- No -Where's ya wheelie Bin?

Well -- I wheelie bin in jail but I bin tell every one that I visit my cousin in Townsville.

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Posted 1319 days ago by Profile DoESProject donor
Having been away from the team for long time I think it only fair that give an account of what has happened.

In 2012 I came in to a bit of money -- so I decided to build a good computer.

I started with 2 x Xeon E5 - 2687W CPU's 3.10 ghz ($4000.00)
2 x Kohler Water cooled heat sinks
An ASUS Twin CPU Motherboard ZPE 9 ($780.00)
4 x GTX 970 G1 GPU's
an ANTEC 1200w power supply
and lots of DDR3 RAM

Said beastie was constructed and began work on Prime Grid devouring work units. (See Swanp Gekko on my account)

Things went well for a few days the the ASUS motherboard clutched it's chest and fell dead in the middle of 32 tasks.

I have to say is was a bit put out - Nay- I was MIFTT!! (can't say what I really was)
I sulked for about a year & then bought another ASUS board (only one available for the CPU's)
THE 2014 rebuild worked great but I discovered that the MB is limited to 300W total power and the 2 x 2687's would require 330W if pushed. So no Prime Grid for me.

In 2017 I was using some high end CAD programs and the 1200W PS then decided to identify itself as a block of cheddar cheese rather than a working Power Supply.

Now I find that the older 2012 E5 2687W CPU's are out of date and not supported
(Latest is E5-2687 v4)-- I sulked for about 3 years expressing various ideas to anyone whoever would listen, about what souuld be done to INTEL, Bill Gates, ASUS and any one else causing me grief.

Skip forward to 2020 - I have discovered a supply of redundant INTEL MB's that support the older 2687's. Now I am in possession of an INTEL S2600IP Server Board. I fitted the MB and fired it all up useing the old 1200W PS and the MB beeped & squeeked a code that, when interpreted, indicates that the 1200 PS still thinks it is a block of cheese.
FINALLy!!! - I have something on my side that agrees with me.

I am currently working with my new found friend (S2600IP) via a lot of beeps & squeeks to construct a workable PC.

I will keep you posted.


I have been looking in my spare part boxes --
I have 4 x GTX560's
4 x GTX 970 G1 GPU's
A various assortments od 9800 Gtx's

Are any of these GPU's still relevent today?

I will post a few photos of the beastie when I remember how to do it
(I think we had to post photos on FLIKER then bring them back?)

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Posted 1320 days ago by Profile DoESProject donor
All is ok -- Spent the last 8 years working in remote areas with crappy internet so I sort of gave up trying to stay on PG. Now have a fixed location with good comms and setting up a permanent office.

Hope to get a few more PC,s on line soon - I still have the dual xeon unit but it has killed 2 MB's & 2 PSU's over the past few years-- CPU's are indestructable -- I have got hold of an INTEL server MB - I hope it might be a bit more durable.

5) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 138055)
Posted 1320 days ago by Profile DoESProject donor
DoES is back after 8 years -- still a member and still have credit Woohoo!! --
6) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 78432)
Posted 3352 days ago by Profile DoESProject donor
I am having some real problems getting these 560's to do any sieving -- The Gigabyte is managing to hide from PG (GPU not found) -- I can see the damn thing clear as day from where I am sitting and it is running a monitor!!! -- (Probably a driver issue I guess) -- The Galaxys I have renamed -- Dead - Dying & Doubtful -- I am nursing 2 of them through a sieve unit each underclocking to get the heat down -- strange- cause I cleaned and re-pasted all thermals & fans are ok

I am thinking it might be from the flogging they got last time I was sieving on PG -- O'clocked to the max & running 24/7

I might be looking for GPU's sooner than I thought.


7) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 78384)
Posted 3354 days ago by Profile DoESProject donor
I have a real mix of 560's -- 1 Gigabyte - 1 Galaxy long form - 2 Galaxy short forms --- The Gigabyte is brilliant -- the Galaxy's are cheap & crap (one died 2 days ago) - I gave it a sieve and it had a heart attack,

Back a couple of years ago I had all 4 of the 560's in the i7 990x running on PG sieving and made it into the Top 20 Computers --- but I always had stability issues with the 3 Galaxys.

Now the new beast is looking ok (fingers crossed) I be pulling the 990x off line and giving it a good clean up as the fans & heat sinks are solid with gunk (living in the Tropics is very hard on computers) Once I get it tidied up I will probably replace the 560's and turn it loose crunching.

I had always (until disaster struck) planned to get some high end GPU's for the new beast. -- I might have a study of that 780ti

8) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 78362)
Posted 3354 days ago by Profile DoESProject donor
I was just taking a stroll back through my account looking at my old boxes that have crunched on PG -- take a look at this old clunker -- My God!! the power!!! -- It is of course an old A Bridge Pentium 3 --

Anyone got anything older & crappier???

CPU type.......................GenuineIntel x86 Family 6 Model 7 Stepping 3 447MHz [x86 Family 6 Model 7 Stepping 3]

Number of processors.....1

Coprocessors ---
Operating System..........Microsoft Windows XP Professional x86 Editon, Service Pack 2, (05.01.2600.00)
BOINC version 6.4.7
Memory 127.55 MB
Cache 976.56 KB
Swap space 307.34 MB
Total disk space 3 GB
Free Disk Space 0.55 GB

Measured floating point speed......417.34 million ops/sec
Measured integer speed..............688.12 million ops/sec
9) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 78354)
Posted 3354 days ago by Profile DoESProject donor
PPSE are the shortest and take about 500 seconds (8+ minutes) on my 3770K (o/c to 4.3, HT off). A MEGA unit on that box takes about 80 minutes. PPS I haven't run in a long time but it will be between those boundaries. Sounds like your "1 hour" is in the ballpark.

Are you back to the "Top End" or elsewhere now?


The beast seems to be somewhere near what you would expect running @ 3.1GHZ with HT on - Just under 4hrs for a Mega -- 70 mins for a PPS LLR - never going to set any speed records but you do get a lot of WU's done every time.

Settling down nice & stable so far (woohoo!!!)

10) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 78347)
Posted 3355 days ago by Profile DoESProject donor
This it a tale of just how wrong things can go when the cyber gods are angry!!

The Start - Nov 2012 --- In the land of Oz if your business makes a profit you can either give a big chunk to the tax man or re-invest it in your business (100% tax write off) -- I hunted around and came up with the 2 x xeon 2687w rig -- part beast - part server - part desk top - I think I even mentioned it in the Team message board.

The Components 2 x Xeon 2687w CPU's
2 x Antec Water cooling
Asus Z9PE-D8 MoBo
1200w Antec PS
64GB Corsair Vengence RAM
Box to put it in
(GPU's to come later)

The Build -- When the parts were delivered to my house - The delivery guy said " You are lucky your parts came up from Brisbane today - The previous (2 days ago) Brisbane truck rolled over - wrecked everything" I reply "Geez!! Lucky alright!!" -- (Hmmnn! remember this info)

Given there are over $6000 worth of bit here I checked everything very carefully -- All good no issues I could see - only thing I noticed was that the CPU socket guards on the MB were loose when I unwrapped it. All went smooth and fired up no probs -- installed Win 7 Ultimate - went through the usual upgrades & adding programs - hooked up to PG for stress testing - start crunching --

First Sign of Problems - The first issue I saw was some tasks error out then I started looking at the performance of the rig -- Hmmnn! would have expected better than that!! -- Then I get some screen lockups & glitches --
OK - I have some issues happening so I start diagnostics - you know -disconnect that - re-install this -- Nothing seems to make any difference.

Serious issues -- 1 day later I have regular BSOD's -- then during a full Win 7 re-install -- Black screen of oblivion!!!-- and then Noooootthhing!!!

Now I have no time to deal with it -- I have to go away to work--

Some time later When I finally get some time at home I decide to strip everything down and go over every component with a magnifying glass (I once had a minute piece of metal from the case manufacture fall into a MB and cause similar problems)-- I really had no explanation for what was happening--When I removed the CPU's and had a look - AHHA!!! Pin damage (very slight but noticeable under high magnification.)

Fights & Arguments I got hold of the freight company - Yes it seems some of my parcels might have been on the truck that rolled over-- But No to insurance as you had 30 days to make a claim. -- No joy here -- I try the supplier-- You WHAT!!! ha! ha! P@## OFF -- However, they did offer to have a look at the MB (at my cost) and see what might be done

All Fixed or No?? - Month later MB comes back -- "All good & tested - fixed pins" they say -- I put it all together -- NOTHING!!! GRRRR!!! -- much fighting & yelling ensues -- Supplier tech guys tell me the CPU's must be fried -- Nuclear Explosion!! -- when I come back from orbit I grudgingly admit it seems the only logical answer (I had used the 1200 PS elsewhere all good)

I sulk for a long while - It took me quite a time to come to grips with my $4000 worth of paper weights -- After a hell of a lot of thinking I came to wonder about how they tested the MB -- I came to the conclusion they would do it the same way as I would - chuck it on the bench and plug things in --

Your Kidding Me?? -- I do just that-- and yep!!!! - The whole bloody thing fires!!! --- After the initial shock (and relief) I start poking the MB and soon as you touch it -POOF!! all dead!! -- hands off - reboot -- its back again!!!
After a lot of prodding I work out that the slightest pressure or deflection of the MB kills it!!!!

What really Happened!!

The MB must have been stressed in the truck accident somehow-- as there was absolutely no package damage it must copped a hell of a shock but was tightly packed between other parcels. --

The only clue was the dislodged CPU socket guards - I think there are damaged circuits on the board itself.

When I first fired it up there was some contact of the paths on the MB but heat & use soon caused the loss of circuit continuity.

Finding the slight pin damage was I think a false or misleading step. I now believe it was never an issue -- or if it was then it only played a minor role in the series of events.

The one thing I never did until the very last was to test fire on it all the bench unassembled. (Might have saved a lot of bloody time if I did)

The MB must be stressed very slightly when bolted in to the case enough to open circuit pathways but sort of works when laying on the test bench.

Solution Got another MB (Air freighted this time -- I figure if it meets with an accident at least I will be able to tell) --

This tale just shows how things can conspire to really "pi## you off" but logic must win in the end -- I knew something was wrong with the MB -- I knew (despite what all were saying) that the CPU's were OK--

I sincerely hope that none of you ever have to go through a process like that though!! --

PS -- The beast is grumbling away beside me ATM 32 cores happily crunching Mega PPS - Next thing will be those GPU's I never did get around to -- got a couple of old 560's lighting up the screens -- tried a few sieve units but they overheated so I turned them off -- What's a good GPU these days????


Jim (DoES)

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