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11) Message boards : Problems and Help : incomplete request received (Message 3002)
Posted 5312 days ago by Profile Pentium100
Moved to problems and help.
12) Message boards : Problems and Help : incomplete request received (Message 2993)
Posted 5313 days ago by Profile Pentium100

I've been away from Primegrid for awhile and decided to crunch a few wu's, but I keep getting the following error message:

Message from server: incomplete request received.

I have stopped and restarted Boinc several times, all to no avail.

Am I doing anything wrong?

I'm using BOINC 5.2.13, Windows XP, AMD K6 500Mhz, 192Mb RAM.

Any help appreciated.


Same for me.
13) Message boards : PrimeGrid : Linux client (Message 2104)
Posted 5389 days ago by Profile Pentium100
Is a Linux client in the making, or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

It seems that the second part of your question is true:)
14) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU Math (Message 2026)
Posted 5408 days ago by Profile Pentium100
And I will not give you the code for the main app, as there would be no use of it - everything is done by the yacas DLL.

Are you sure?

Just a copy from the yacas home page:

For information on embedding Yacas as a library, see the embed/ subdirectory of the source tree and the manuals. Please note that Yacas is Free Software in the sense of the Free Software Foundation, distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). If you embed Yacas or link to its components and distribute the resulting application, you are required to license it under the GPL.

Doesn't this mean you have to open the source?

It seems so, but Rytis said that there would be no use of it. And if Rytis wrote the source like me (virtually human unreadable) and does not want to rewrite it to make it more readable then of course he does not want to give you the code.

But I think that he should make the code freely available for anyone to download...
15) Message boards : Number crunching : firefox 1.5 @ 640x480 places ads by google (Message 1972)
Posted 5428 days ago by Profile Pentium100
Opera 8.02 does the same if I resize the window that its width is smaller than the page width.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized Apps??? (Message 1890)
Posted 5450 days ago by Profile Pentium100
PrimeGrid calculations are processed by YACAS and I do not know any ot the optimized versions, but it may be possible to compile optimized apps using source.

Any way of talking the admins into creating a couple of optimized apps? Eg: Ones compiled to take advantage of SSE or MMX? On of each would be great for manual downloads. If you get bored maybe a AMD64 one too?

This would really help with the raw power to get to the goal. I have noticed that SETI members are making optimized version,a dn seeing 30-40% increase in the production, by using that little used portion of the CPU.


17) Message boards : Number crunching : Comparing my 2 PC - question (Message 1565)
Posted 5493 days ago by Profile Pentium100
Hi there,
I just wonder.. I've got 2 PC's crunching.
In all projects my AMD64 is performing about 2 times better than his neighbour, an intel celeron.
For example the AMD needs 5 hours for 1 Einstein WU, the intel 10 hours. This is similar in LHC & Predictor - but not in PrimeGrid.
Here it works like that:
AMD: calculated: ~30 min, real-time ~25 min.
Intel: calculated ~55 min (which is what I would expect)- real time 28 (!) min.
How can this be??? Why is my intel performing two times faster I expect from my experiences with other projects?
Could anybody explain this to me?

If I know correctly then all big projects (SETI, Einstein, LHC) have separate version of program, optimized for AMD64. Primegrid uses one program for all platforms (it even works with 486 CPU).
18) Message boards : PrimeGrid : Feature developement/bug fixing list (Message 1540)
Posted 5498 days ago by Profile Pentium100
HTML is deprecated in the BOINC system. Anyone who wants to use formatting in their profiles/forum posts, should use BBCode.

Then disable HTML code at all. It is a big security risk.
19) Message boards : PrimeGrid : Feature developement/bug fixing list (Message 1536)
Posted 5499 days ago by Profile Pentium100
One more thing:)

If user is using HTML code in his/her profile then the code appears in profile and the result of it in front page. Can you fix this too?
20) Message boards : PrimeGrid : Feature developement/bug fixing list (Message 1533)
Posted 5499 days ago by Profile Pentium100

Sugadinau vieno userio profili testuodamas :D Nu bet veikia dabar :)

:D Tikiuosi, kad ne mano:)

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