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1) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 130192)
Posted 10 days ago by mackerelProject donor
Short answer: it's complicated

My short-ish answer:
Intended Intel CPUs behaviour is to hit rated TDP at base clock only. It may exceed it for short times depending on power, thermal and other limits. This is generally the case for mobile devices and mass produced desktops from the likes of Dell etc.

If you buy a motherboard and build your own system, generally speaking they ignore the "for short times" part of the limiting and will boost continuously as long as thermal and some other limits allow. It may operate above TDP indefinitely.

Long answer:
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : Sweet Spot for hardware? Cost/Work Unit? (Message 130016)
Posted 16 days ago by mackerelProject donor
If you stretch to a new system, the Ryzen 3000 CPUs about to go on sale in just over a month could be VERY interesting.

Based on current public information, I'd expect them to eat LLR tasks quickly and at comparable or better power efficiency to Intel. This is assuming the upgrade FP units bring them to parity with Intel, they are ball park competitive on clocks and cheaper per core. Also due to the large L3 cache, that should mitigate ram bandwidth limitations from feeding this many cores. So might not be needed to buy expensive fast ram to get the most of it. I do intend to get one as soon as practical after launch, and bench it.

If you're looking to buy something now, avoid current Ryzens if you want to do LLR. Best value/balance CPUs would be Intel quad cores of Skylake (6th gen) or newer generation, paired with fast ram. Dual cores are ok too, but you will encounter difficulty feeding 6 or 8 core models for bigger LLR tasks. Ok for smaller ones. If looking older generation Haswell/Broadwell is almost as good (4th-5th gen). At the oldest Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge (2nd gen-3rd gen) are kinda ok but they lack an instruction added in 4th gen that means they're a bit slower, but if you look at used server level kit of that generation you could get a dual socket with 16 cores total and brute force it. Power bill might go up a bit though. I wouldn't seriously consider anything older than that.

Ram: quantity doesn't matter much as long as you have enough to run what you want. My cruncher systems typically have 8GB and never run short. Do make sure to have dual channel ram (or more if supported). Speed really helps on bigger tasks on quad core Intels.

Disk: doesn't matter as long as you have enough space. I run systems with 40, 64GB SSDs bought when they were more expensive.

I don't focus on GPU tasks so can't really comment much there, other than latest Turning generation does seem very fast and power efficient, but it is new and not so cheap...
3) Message boards : The Riesel Problem : LLR TRP just stop working (Message 129919)
Posted 19 days ago by mackerelProject donor
If it is the 5930k I see listed in your computer list, you probably have a hardware instability caused by overclocking and overheating. 100C is bad. Check your cooling is clean of dust. If it doesn't reduce temperatures, you might just need a better cooler. Undo the overclock and try again at standard settings.

Note it is a 6 core CPU that can handle 12 threads. For LLR, only real cores count, so if working in multi-thread then just use 6.

Edit: my 5930k for comparison:
It does TRP tasks one at a time with 6 threads in around 2 hours ball park.
4) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 129847)
Posted 21 days ago by mackerelProject donor
1650 is the cause of many an argument on other forums. From the perspective of upgrading from a 960, yes it is improved, and depending on the version may not need extra power connector. If not significantly overclocked, it can fit in 75W from slot only, but manufacturers may decide to overclock more and thus do need the power connector.

If you don't care about power consumption and only want gaming performance, then an AMD card in that price range may be better value.
5) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 129837)
Posted 21 days ago by mackerelProject donor
Finally cooling off, so I'm ramping up production. Let's see how far I get before I decide it is too hot again.
6) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 129822)
Posted 22 days ago by mackerelProject donor
Sun is no longer visible but temps aren't dropping yet... still can't ramp up production.
7) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 129762)
Posted 23 days ago by mackerelProject donor
A quick member update:

Last update: 2019-05-24 11:15:02 Rank Name Team Score Tasks 2 zunewantan Aggie The Pew 437 125.95 96 4 Scott Brown Aggie The Pew 350 965.95 78 33 darkclown Aggie The Pew 71 367.59 16 34 Rick Reynolds Aggie The Pew 68 061.46 15 50 Gary Craig Aggie The Pew 39 956.41 9 65 mackerel Aggie The Pew 30 612.08 7 81 Dave Aggie The Pew 19 902.65 5 86 Eudy Silva Aggie The Pew 18 396.08 4 96 mfl0p Aggie The Pew 14 015.18 3 104 Michael Goetz Aggie The Pew 13 378.20 3 108 meilijo Aggie The Pew 12 575.35 3 124 Brook Harste Aggie The Pew 8 381.74 2 126 TimT Aggie The Pew 8 369.28 2

I'm still keeping an eye on the weather to decide when I can put my foot down and turn on more boxes.
8) Message boards : News : AVX-512 Now Supported by LLR (Message 129745)
Posted 24 days ago by mackerelProject donor
The third CPU on that pages is an i9-9600K. I'm guessing you're asking specifically about the X series CPUs (since this topic is about AVX-512)?

ANSWER: That page only shows CPUs when there's at least 10 of them in the database. None of them exceed that threshold (yet).

Yes, it was Skylake-X I was referring to. Thanks for confirming.
9) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 129738)
Posted 24 days ago by mackerelProject donor
Just looked at weather... gonna be hot to the weekend before cooling off through next week. I might be a slow start on this one.
10) Message boards : News : AVX-512 Now Supported by LLR (Message 129735)
Posted 24 days ago by mackerelProject donor
There are several i9-9000 CPUs in use here.

If I'm not being blind, any reason they're not on the list at page linked earlier? I note it lists nothing fewer than 10 systems, is that a feature?

Which page?

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