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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Winter Solstice Challenge (Message 102374)
Posted 1739 days ago by Profile AriZonaMoon*Project donor
Exactly! One can not expect everyone else to Accept the start time, but not follow up in Head Quarter ;-p ;-)) btw... the time was not the best for me either today.. I was out until 6 am, so I should still be sleeping ;-D Yet here I am - making trouble.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Winter Solstice Challenge (Message 102360)
Posted 1739 days ago by Profile AriZonaMoon*Project donor
It would be Nice With some stats for this Challenge ;-p ;-) Wakey wakey!
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Let's Keep Politics & Religion Out Of Challenges (Message 87979)
Posted 2201 days ago by Profile AriZonaMoon*Project donor
;-) ...interesting read. One can always say that there is agreable points
on both sides - but..

I am here to crunch. And that is what I do.

There is only one conclusion to the discussed matter:
To name challenges is a challenge in itself. ;-)

Good Luck!
4) Message boards : Sicituradastra. message board (Message 85462)
Posted 2333 days ago by Profile AriZonaMoon*Project donor
Oh.. btw.. I`ll wait a few more days before I eventually enter us in the Poem challenge. If we are going to enter - please make sure I dont forget!! hehe
Its possible to reach me on mobile phone by some of our members. ;-)

But hopefully I will have time to check in here and by that remember it all
by myself. ;-))))
5) Message boards : Sicituradastra. message board (Message 85455)
Posted 2333 days ago by Profile AriZonaMoon*Project donor
Dear all of you!! <3

This must be the most crazy result Ive seen in a challenge in a long time. !! ;-))
Fantastic ! So first I want to congratulate the team with the win - and
also say Thank you for making it possible! ;-) You`re the best!

Now then... the sad story about our wonderful forum... We still dont know
when it will be back. It will not happen until Maik have time to do it ;-( I am
SOOOO sorry for this. But I have to have faith. So thats all Im saying..

And then its the coconut. She is still running around with all this work and
people.. and since Im all alone about it, I cant get my two brain cells to
follow up on much else.. its kind of hopeless. ;-o The latest going on is, that
Im supposed to fix up an old cottage.. and ive been busy organizing it all, and
get everything I need in place.. Its not easy when living out here.
The carpenters comes today - in half an hour,
then plummer tomorrow - i hope - electrician next week,
and well.. As soon as they are done - I will
have all the stuff to do inside - kitchen, cupboards, lamps, furnitures - decoration -
you know.. All that I have stuffed into the basement in the next door house, I will
have to get out within 2 1/2 week - to get room for a confirmation that weekend.
I am totally lost of how it will all work out - Everything happens at once - but again:
I have to have faith. hehe

Okidok.. See you soon!
Hugs to everyone!
6) Message boards : Sicituradastra. message board (Message 84909)
Posted 2351 days ago by Profile AriZonaMoon*Project donor
Hei all Astra* s ;-)

Yeah... its been a couple of sad and lonely weeks.. ;-p ;-)

..and I honestly feel horrible about it.. It shouldnt have to happen.. and when
it first happens, it shouldnt take too long to get the forum back up.. But in this
case it obviously does - *scream* !

Now.. we Will get back. Just not sure how long it will take. And when we`re
back, it will not look like the forum we knows at once.. but.. things willl sort out
in the end ;-)

So.. in the meantime we`ll gather here - and act as if nothings wrong.. ehh?

7) Message boards : Number crunching : Sovereign Challenge (Message 77689)
Posted 2643 days ago by Profile AriZonaMoon*Project donor
It looks like BOINCstats has been showing the stats from the challenge before instead of the current one everytime since January. I just made them aware of that Problem.

Yes. The BOINCstats has been showing the wrong challenge under each PG challenge name since January. The simple reason is that the challenge list was set up on BS pages before the first one started.. and then PG added another challenge to the list (the Pony challenge) This was never fixed on the BoincStats page - and instead the Pony challenge (#2) shows under the name "Double Top Secret Mystery Challenge" (#3) - - This is why it continues to show the wrong numbers throughout the year.

No doubt it would be better with no PG challenge stats showing on BS, rather than wrong numbers, that only leads to confusion.
But the best would be that it shows correctly on BS. ;-)
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Double Top Secret Mystery Challenge (Message 74267)
Posted 2754 days ago by Profile AriZonaMoon*Project donor
Are (historical) daily Team results (total points progress for this contest) stored anywhere for public view? I know that I can get the current results from the PG main page. But I would like to chart our team's progress from the contest start if possible. I tried Googling and also looked over at BOINC Stats, but couldn't find any historical data for this current contest.

Unforunately all the PG challenges for 2014 on BS was set up beforehand, not including the
Pony challenge (#2 on the PrimeGrid challenge list). Therefore "The Double Top Secret Mystery Challenge" stats showing on BoincStats gives the numbers for the Pony challenge - and none for the challenge it should show. If no one fix the links, this mistake will continue all through the year. As just means that the stats on BS will be to no use - and only show the total credit for each challenge - and also under the wrong name. ;-D
9) Message boards : General discussion : Word Link #001 (Message 72723)
Posted 2796 days ago by Profile AriZonaMoon*Project donor
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Father's Day Challenge (Message 67052)
Posted 3018 days ago by Profile AriZonaMoon*Project donor
Hei all.

To run long wu`s has never been a problem if its a reason behind it. ;-))
Though..right now I have one wu left, it has been running for 22 h 36 m so far!! :o
Can this be right? Or is this a zombie wu? ;-)

Ja.. it has already been done of someone else.. and that took only an hour or so.
Please let me know if I should continue with this one...... or not.

Trying again;

Now the wu shows; "18 Jun 2013 | 21:09:26 UTC Timed out - no response"
But it is still running on my computer.

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