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1) Message boards : The Riesel Problem : TRP-Sieve tasks to increase in size (Message 99307)
Posted 2552 days ago by Gator 1-3
I thought you were discontinuing the TRP-Sieve task. Have I been crunching the wrong task these last few weeks?
2) Message boards : General discussion : BOINC coding question (Message 73691)
Posted 3503 days ago by Gator 1-3
I know there is a way to make a multiple GPU system have certain GPUs run exclusive tasks. I was wondering, is there a similar code to do the same for CPUs on multiple CPU systems? In other words, if I wanted one of my CPUs to exclusively run a longer task (like TRP LLR) while the other runs shorter length tasks, is there a way to code this in the cc_config file like the <exclusive_gpu_app> code? Right now, my crunchers only download shorter length apps, and when I see that a longer one is done, I manually get it to download and then run the longer one while the shorter ones continue on the other CPUs. I’m hoping for a way to do this automatically without my needing to be present, and I haven't found any reference to an <exclusive_cpu_app> code. Any advice would be appreciated.

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