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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : Pending Credit keeps growing (Message 74936)
Posted 1879 days ago by step2000
Thanks for details on Wingman concept. I see in the details now and understand. I have noticed many fails on other systems on several WU's and I figure after so long they will clear when someone else completes them also. Is there any time limit on being held open before they just credit or drop?

2) Message boards : Problems and Help : Pending Credit keeps growing (Message 74909)
Posted 1880 days ago by step2000
From what I can tell you are only running PPS Sieve. Not too long ago something has changed for this subproject. These days each work unit needs to be verified, i.e. every work unit you return will also need to be returned by another computer with the same results. As soon as that happens your unit will get credit. Getting the second, matching result can take a number of days for this subproject.

So you're saying another user is processing the same WU and if they match I get credit?


You have a second system that does a HASH of sometime to validate the WU sent in?

It just seems strange that it goes down to almost nothing and then climbs each week to 128K or more like 4+ days now of WU pending.
3) Message boards : Problems and Help : Pending Credit keeps growing (Message 74364)
Posted 1895 days ago by step2000
Up to 128,000 in pending credit some 3+ days old. Is there something wrong or is the server just busy?
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