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11) Message boards : Problems and Help : GPU doesn't crunch next task Radeon hd 7850 (Message 71105)
Posted 2527 days ago by Mitch
Hello, this is my first post here. I use a XFX Radeon HD 7850 OC and have noticed that after a WU is complete, it shuts down and won't work anymore. I completed a genefer task no problem and it begins the next wu, but does not go anywhere. I register as having no activity on the gpu in the hardware monitor. If I suspend the new WU and restart it, it will carry on no problem but I can't be at my computer 24/7 to restart my WU's every time a new one starts. This is the second time this happened in a row and has wasted hours of work. Anyone having a similar issue?

I updated my driver to the new beta (13.25.18-131107a-164684E-ATI) as well as downloaded the APP SDK because I had a previous issue with all GPU tasks failing after a few seconds. Its not a heat issue, I manually set my fan to 68% and it holds a steady 60*C. I'm also not overclocked on the card, its at the stock 975/1200 GPU/Mem clock. I use windows 8.1 and BOINC 7.2.28 on this machine. My power settings are set to high performance and not to shutdown anything but the display.

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