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1) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : GTX 2xx Cards Getting Tasks Finally (Message 49210)
Posted 4129 days ago by Golden_Frog
My GTX260 becomes unusable with block size 0 and when I set block to 5. 99% GPU and 1% CPU with both block size's. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

GTX 260 625/1000/1350
Win7 64bit
285.62 drivers
BOINC 7.0.14
2) Message boards : AP26 - AP27 Search : CUDA testing (Message 21338)
Posted 4844 days ago by Golden_Frog
This is probably a newb question but, what does the app_info.xml need to look like to run this on a windows comp with 2 GPU's? I keep trashing wu's trying to write one.
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