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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges - Full Sets! (Message 128676)
Posted 188 days ago by TeeVeeEssProject donor
All active projects gold or better. Took some time ;-)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : what is your main machine core count? (Message 125495)
Posted 261 days ago by TeeVeeEssProject donor
4c/8t, around 6t for BOINC.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : The Dog Days of Summer Challenge (Message 39564)
Posted 2971 days ago by TeeVeeEssProject donor
And no, I can tell boinc to update all I want, but it still will not ask for or upload any wu's till the cool down time limit has been reached.

How about BOINC-Manager Menu View -->Advanced, Then go to Tab Transfers, click on upload-task and click button Retry Now? Works for me :)
4) Message boards : Sieving : ppsieve ATI/OpenCL testing (Message 28216)
Posted 3249 days ago by TeeVeeEssProject donor

Ditto here on all my ATI 5850 & 5870 Box's, Maximum of 80% usage down to as low as 60% Usage. Any setting we can put in the App File to Increase this.

A side benefit though is that they run 20c Cooler than they do at any other GPU Project ... :)

I'm only running the Memory @ 300 as it doesn't seem to speed up the Wu's any by running them @ a Higher Memory Setting ...

After running 4 WU's on my ATI 5830 (Core clock 800, mem clock 750 Mhz, Catalyst 10.7, Vista 32-bits, Boinc 10.56) on this host I also see a maximum GPU-load of ~70% and max temp of ~62 degrees Celsius.

Is it a settings-problem or will the app be further optimized?
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