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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Stability Testing (Message 94949)
Posted 1480 days ago by Profile Willy
Have downgraded and am running tasks again without them stopping... maybe just as simple as a buggy cuda update.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Stability Testing (Message 94946)
Posted 1480 days ago by Profile Willy
I will try and downgrade and post back. My old 765m was on a 364.xx version without issues. Maybe related to the newer maxwell cards. Thanks for the advice.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Stability Testing (Message 94944)
Posted 1480 days ago by Profile Willy
Looking for some help testing the compute stability of my card which is a 970M (at stock clocks) I've been doing manual sieving for some time on my heavily overclocked GTX 765m (1245mhz over the base 649mhz) with no issues yet my stock 970m has issues. Every benchmark or stress testing tool I'm aware of , excluding memtestg80 since that software is not compatible with my GPU has passed visually. It's hard to detect issues since my laptop uses optimus so a crashing GPU is not easily spotted unless you take a look at the clocks or get a random pop up saying the nvidia driver restarted. I'm looking for a compute specific one.

MemtestCL - No issues
Valley - can run all night
Basically my entire steam library for many hours - no problem
Aida64 - 5 hours and counting no crashes
Furmark - yes I ran that, draws 140w just on my GPU so I only ran it for a couple minutes.

I've ran a lot more than that too, but just to give you an idea.

I've been running the range F21, 59712-59722 which takes around 4 hours to complete. I got a message from Jim B stating my entire file failed verification the 2 times I've uploaded it. I don't want to keep wasting peoples time so either I stop doing this all together or figure out a solution.

So far I've tried jumping up the voltage to 1.2v at stock clocks. I just uploaded that run.. so I guess we will find out.

Thanks for any help :)
4) Message boards : Sieving : New manual sieving: GFN65536 and GFN131072 (Message 89940)
Posted 1650 days ago by Profile Willy
B7 default yields 35% GPU usage on my GTX760m. What does your 970 show for usage at the default level?

my 760m is at 1110mhz.

Also looking at 16% CPU usage for that task as well. Not quite 1 core

Running 65536 and 4194304 at the same time is showing about 40P/Day.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Perseid Challenge (Message 78737)
Posted 2117 days ago by Profile Willy
averaging 17-20 minutes. each. go go go... trying to hold off on doing my VM work.. lol
6) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : Send WUs to 3 users instead of 2? (Message 78443)
Posted 2130 days ago by Profile Willy
so without HT on @ 3.7ghz, I'm sitting at 90% done with a couple SoB tasks at 169hours. Another task is at 161 hours at 89.9% (must have been on a core that wasn't used a lot). Much better with HT off... as everyone advised me to do.
7) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : Send WUs to 3 users instead of 2? (Message 78344)
Posted 2134 days ago by Profile Willy
I run a lot of other tasks and pause the SoB WU's sometimes which is why I have only completed 2 so far. Looking at my computers under my account, I swapped it for a 3840QM (didn't seem to update yet) and that is what I am running the WU's under ( I said 3630QM and that was a lie I swapped it out recently). The TDP is set to 72watts so I turbo boost to 3.8 while all 4 cores are under load. So yes, large overclock.

I get around 95% of the performance of a 3770k (stock)

I will have to see why my computer is not listing the 3840QM, it swaps between my old CPU and my new one sometimes (on my account page I mean). Strange.

Anyways, I am proud of my cooling mods and overclock.. so I'll post this. lol
8) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : Send WUs to 3 users instead of 2? (Message 78339)
Posted 2134 days ago by Profile Willy
I have a 3630QM which takes around 200 hours (I have 8 running at once) Is that considered too long? I do have HT on though. I use my laptop while these are running and having HT on makes my computer perfectly usable while under full load. (while doing VM work and such)
9) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : SoB 100% CPU or 50% CPU? (Message 78229)
Posted 2139 days ago by Profile Willy
Set CPU to 50% as well as affinity as advised.

All 4 tasks are around 75% at 150 hours time spent so far. Almost done!
10) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : SoB 100% CPU or 50% CPU? (Message 78087)
Posted 2146 days ago by Profile Willy
I can turn off HT but since I use this as my work/gaming laptop I need HT on for when I do VM work and with HT on, my overall general use performance doesn't suffer at all while even running 8 SoB tasks. I might try it when I only have one SoB running and see how much fast it can be. I have my TDP set to 72 watts in order to turbo that high. My temps sit around 85-90c (depending if I'm at the office or at home)

Thanks for your information, I will run the tests now and report back!


1 Task: 80
2 Tasks: 130
3 Tasks: 186
4 Tasks: 220
5 Tasks: 240

So I assume once the number I calculated starts to slow it's upward count then it's safe to say it's best to keep it a core below. So It looks like 4 cores is best, which is 50% with HT on, makes senses. I have DDR3-1866 and doing a quick winsat mem gives me 25GB/s. While running 5 test tasks I get 11GB/s

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