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1) Message boards : GPU Force message board (Message 27635)
Posted 3500 days ago by [GPU Force] ksdc
I understand - still have 4770CF in my i7 microATX super-duper-mainframe :) and hesitate to upgrade, because they are doing quite well (150-170k in MilkyWay), being also cool and silent. But world is changing and sooner or later they will be switched to... 69? 5970? We'll see...
2) Message boards : GPU Force message board (Message 27613)
Posted 3500 days ago by [GPU Force] ksdc
Hello Tex, nice to see You again!
ATI is supposed to release 6950 and 6970 cards in the end of November, they are supposed to be the successors to 58xx. Hope they will have full DP capability, because 68xx have no double precision and overall for crunching are not better than 5xxx. They have mainly tesselation and rasterisation improvements for game graphics.
I am considering buying 5970 or 5870 somewhere in nov/dec or waiting for 69xx - not quite decided.
Best regards
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