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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges III (Message 150015)
Posted 1 day ago by Werinbert
2) Message boards : Number crunching : LLR2 installed on all big LLR projects (Message 149984)
Posted 2 days ago by Werinbert
Since there should be a correlation of one proof task for each main task I would expect to be getting about the same number of tasks of each (proof/main) for LLR2 subprojects. However, I have been running the PPS-Mega for a bit now and I am finding that I am getting more than twice as many proof tasks as main tasks (111 main to 237 proof at last check).
3) Message boards : Project Staging Area : The 121 project is almost finished (Message 149915)
Posted 5 days ago by Werinbert
The Rubenesque prime finder has sung....
4) Message boards : Project Staging Area : The 121 project is almost finished (Message 149885)
Posted 6 days ago by Werinbert
I keep thinking back to the old Batman TV shows....
"Is this the end of the line?"
"Has the villainous Evil Cruncher conquered fair PSAland?"
"What will be come of our hero?"

"To find out stay tuned.... Same Prime channel, same Prime time!"

In a little over 20 hours my WUs will start to roll in.... :-P
5) Message boards : General discussion : Looking for a proportional font with unique characters (Message 149742)
Posted 14 days ago by Werinbert
Are you complaining about proportional fonts vs monospaced fonts or are you complaining about serif fonts vs sanserif fonts? All fonts have their good points and bad points...there is no one font that solves everyone's problems.

If you really want a specific font for a specific purpose then you will have to make your own font.
6) Message boards : General discussion : Top Computers (Message 149564)
Posted 23 days ago by Werinbert
Sier"pi"nski's Birthday Challenge (SoB-LLR): Individuals | Teams | ComputerIDs

The table may have some difficulties if an individual has chosen to list their computers as anonymous. The capability to make a connection between user and computer (i.e., same score/tasks) would negate the anonymity.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges III (Message 149480)
Posted 28 days ago by Werinbert
Berylicious :)
8) Message boards : Number crunching : a variety of CPU generations, overwelmed by all the subprojects in a good way (Message 149366)
Posted 32 days ago by Werinbert
Don't forget to pause BOINC while doing the testing.

"Pause BOINC?" I don't think my computers understand that comment......
9) Message boards : Project Staging Area : Is the machineid relevant? (Message 148620)
Posted 58 days ago by Werinbert
The directions say that the machineid=clientID and it is assumed that the clientID will be set to the same as the Boinc computer name...but is it a requirement?

Basically I am wondering if the clientID is used behind the scenes to do some matchmaking. I believe that the userID and email are all that are needed to match my PRP work to my Boinc account. If the clientID is not used, can I set the clientID to anything I would like? And can I set different instances on the same physical machine to different clientIDs (but keeping the INSTANCE_ID as set up when first installed)?
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges III (Message 148001)
Posted 73 days ago by Werinbert

I think I am getting a bit jaded with these WW tasks.....

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