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1) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 82008)
Posted 2524 days ago by DerekL
tick.... tock..... tick..... tock.....

Wont be running any SoB unfortunately. Doesn't look like any of my systems stand a chance to finish one anywhere close to eight days. Bummer. That 45% bonus is gonna be a pretty sweet boost to those of you who can finish them :)

Lets do this!
2) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 81930)
Posted 2527 days ago by DerekL
I see Neo found a couple

Congrats Neo! Hopefully we'll being seeing a lot more AtP names on there... I'm anxious to find my first :)
3) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 81928)
Posted 2527 days ago by DerekL
Bunch of hot grrlz knock on your door with party hats, streamers & ice-cream.

Guess I should do some of this project. But got 2 days of PSPs atm...

Oh Snap!! I gonna buy a few more systems and crunch over there 100% if thats the prize! ;)

As far as the site goes, ya, super slow... Also impossible to load much additional work. Most of the time, if there even is any work, I can barely get enough downloaded to keep my system busy (and my system isnt blazin fast).

Oh well... challenge is just around the corner anyhow. I'm just bummed that there is no chance of my cpu finishing even one SoB in the 8 day window...
4) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 81909)
Posted 2527 days ago by DerekL
Love it! Youre making me miss my old Celestron 10" tube. It was on an awful dobsonian mount, but still a ton of fun to use. Always wanted to figure out how to get a camera on it, but knew that the mount had to go. Oh well. Nice pics.
5) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 81898)
Posted 2528 days ago by DerekL
Same deal...
I was upset when I got home and found out there was work on SRbase and I was still crunching Primegrid w/u's...

I did a "no new work" for Primegrid and did an update on SRbase thru BOINC, and then the w/u's starting coming down like they were supposed to...

P.S. Guys, I just laid down a scathing response to a "FrankHagen" who lambasted me and one of our newest rats DerekL over on SRbase.

I hope I didn't overstep my bounds; in my defense this Frankhagen said that I hijacked a forum and that my question was "lame"... and I just got home from work, opened a 25oz Fosters (Missouri'an for kick ass beer), and saw this dick's post in response to a post by Derek...

Couldn't help myself.

Proud member of AtP
not-so-tolerant of assholes

No worries man. I saw his reply and just shook my head. He was too stupid to even understand what was going on. I just had to leave it alone... I'm not tryin to get banned from any projects or anything like that ;) Thanks for having a more dignified response.
6) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 81897)
Posted 2528 days ago by DerekL

Yep.. They've got quite a bit of work loaded... 150,000 short tasks (20 sec each on my pc) and 1700 longer ones (5-10min)

Dang man! They aint goin by that fast for me. The Sierpinski/Riesel Base 0.04 (175-200k) is taking close to 2 hours for me! I am running an AMD FX8350 with 8 tasks simultaneously. I tried it for a round with only 4 tasks and although there was an improvement, it wasn't significant.

I've always been a big supporter of AMD because of the value they deliver... but now I am seeing that Intel certainly earns their price tag!

7) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 81894)
Posted 2528 days ago by DerekL
Ugh. Mine did the same thing. Had to update manually to get anything to come through. I wonder if it is a server side issue.... I can't get any of my linux boxes to get work via command line, but had one of them working through the last batch they had. Oh well, suppose some minor hiccups should be expected in a new project.

Crunch while we can, before they run out again :)
8) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 81882)
Posted 2528 days ago by DerekL
The picture is fuzzy and out of focus because I was shivering in the cold and condensation from my breath was fogging the lens. It is as we say over here brass monkey weather.

And now I have another question. Based on your answer as it relates to the why and where fores and weather why on earth do you need a "cooler"

Hahaha. I was wondering the same thing! I'm cold just looking at that picture! Or maybe that shiver down my spine is admiration of the outstanding photographic techniques at work? ;)
9) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 81868)
Posted 2528 days ago by DerekL
Glad to have you onboard! And glad to pass on the title of newest member :)
10) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 81848)
Posted 2529 days ago by DerekL
Gotta love the red filter :)

My favorite lately has been using my ZeroImage pinhole though. I don't know why, but it is so much fun to use. I never have any expectations because it is such a crude method and I am lazy at figuring exposure times - but usually pleasantly surprised with the results. I'll have to dig up some to post. Most of the negatives are not scanned because I am pretty undecided on what settings to use for that....

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