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11) Message boards : Number crunching : Prime score by credit (Message 137381)
Posted 588 days ago by Omega
I was curious how successful/lucky I was in various sub-projects.
The current information "Percentage of tests resulting with a prime" isn't very meaningful, because a) tested numbers increase over time and so does the expected prime probability; b) PPS & GFN combine different sub-sub-projects which compounds this.
So, I thought Prime score by credit would be a more accurate and stable metric:
Credit(C): Credit in a sub-project
Prime score(PS): Sum of the prime score in a sub-project (Double the score of any double-checker prime to get the actual prime score because being IF/DC shouldn't be a factor here)

SGS: 16265.71 C/PS
GFN: 14068.13 C/PS
PPS: 2930.77 C/PS

I'd be interested to see those figures from other users. Ideally of course would be the PG-wide average value of different sub-projects (Total credit in a sub-project divided by total prime score of primes found in a sub-project).
12) Message boards : Number crunching : 2020 Mega Primes (Message 136887)
Posted 596 days ago by Omega
You've missed 2:
8863*2^3327406+1 (PPS-MEGA)
31*2^5560820+1 (PPS-DIV)
13) Message boards : General discussion : OS X Yosemite (Message 80451)
Posted 2523 days ago by Omega
I needed to reinstall BOINC too (and I hadn't "messed about with app_info.xml"). So I'm guessing everyone who upgrades has to do that.
Aside from that it was a smooth transfer.
14) Message boards : News : MEGA Prime Found (Message 76288)
Posted 2687 days ago by Omega
It appears that Genn has found his second mega prime on PRPNet's MEGA port:

#69, 1067077 digits

15) Message boards : Project Staging Area : 2014 PRPNet March Challenge (Message 75036)
Posted 2727 days ago by Omega
Stats are final.

I thought the challenge will go on until the port is empty...
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Tour de Primes 2014 (Message 72941)
Posted 2785 days ago by Omega
Sorry for the late notice but is it possible to add a team element to the TdP?
I don't know if it's possible to reward team badges but it could be a fun and informative tool.
I also had an idea how to do it:
It makes no sense to somehow combine the scores of members of an entire team (otherwise bigger team would have an edge and smaller ones almost no chance).
But what if we combined only the top 5 (number flexible) scorers of each team (similar to the way team time trial races are timed in TdP's name patron Tour de France).
To sum up, the prime scores of the top 5 members of each participating team are added up and at the end we'll see which team has the highest combined score.
17) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : WU can't validate. (Message 67112)
Posted 3010 days ago by Omega
I seem to have a similar one:

2 results are in, both listed as pending (not validation inconclusive) and no third sent out which would happen if the two results didn't match.
It's been like this for a while now...
18) Message boards : Sierpinski/Riesel Base 5 Problem : SR5 as a select-able project? (Message 66616)
Posted 3017 days ago by Omega
At what approximate time tomorrow (June 14th) will SR5 be available?
19) Message boards : Sierpinski/Riesel Base 5 Problem : SR5 Moving to BOINC; We Need More Sieving! (Message 66331)
Posted 3027 days ago by Omega
Regarding end of the double credit promotion, we're starting an SR5 challenge on PRPNet on June 9th. The double credit will end when this challenge begins. (I'll have more information later on the exact logistics of shutting off the double credit, in particular what happens when you reserve a range during double credit but return it after the double credit ends.)

How about giving 1.5x normal credit for sieves that were reserved before the deadline but returned up to one day late? That would encourage people to finish their current ranges instead of aborting them to switch to the challenge.
20) Message boards : Project Staging Area : PSA pending credit (Message 66303)
Posted 3028 days ago by Omega
Since PSA credit is awarded partially according to RAC and therefor usually over a span of a couple of days, I was wondering if it was possible to display the added but not yet awarded PSA credit in the pending credit list.
It would be helpful, for example, when working towards the next PSA batch.
However, I don't wanna add to your workload, so if it's too complicated, never mind this idea.

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