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1) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : N=524288 work now in queue (Message 50369)
Posted 3494 days ago by Nasicus
That's not too hard ;-)
all on the same PC with stock GTX570 (Gigabyte)
times are averaged values from several WUs
Cullen/Woodall (sieve) 127 sec - 364 cr - 10330 cr/hour
PPS (sieve) 915 sec - 3371 cr - 13262 cr/hour
Genefer 262144 2880 sec - 3600 cr - 4500 cr/hour
Genefer 524288 9060 sec - 8000 cr - 3179 cr/hour

2) Message boards : Number crunching : \"optimized\" omputers (Message 1895)
Posted 5776 days ago by Nasicus
There is a difference between CPUs.

Thanks, I know that cause I'm working now about 20 years with hundreds of PCs and servers with a big count of really different CPUs ;-)

As PrimeGrid is more integer-based, the ones with CPUs that can do better integer job (mostly, Intel) do work faster, but get less credit.

The first example showed one PC (hostid 1234) which claimed and got 47.56 credits for a WU. For the next WU the SAME PC needed 0.08 seconds longer (equals 0,00051% more time) and claimed 56.55 (equals 18.9% more).
The same PC had 5 days (time between benchmarks) really high credits, significantly higher as before or after these five days. I know that the results of a benchmark will show a LITTLE difference to the one before, but not in this size.
So something has been "modified" ?

There is a max credit limit per workunit, it is currently 80.

This was 70, as I saw by some earlier results of hostid 1396 ;-)

And just to let you know, there are still people complaining as their PCs claim more, and don't get that much - this is a result of different processors.

With no word I was complaining that. :-)
AFAIK since the last months the quorum is 1 and my experience is that I get granted the claimed credits immediately after the wu is returned successfully.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : \"optimized\" omputers (Message 1893)
Posted 5776 days ago by Nasicus
Really wondering about some computers.
For example this one: has results like:
527888 464412 21 Nov 2005 22:29:11 UTC 24 Nov 2005 8:19:16 UTC Over Success Done 15,539.08 56.55 56.55
527887 464411 21 Nov 2005 22:29:00 UTC 23 Nov 2005 22:38:25 UTC Over Success Done 15,539.00 47.56 47.56
526907 463431 21 Nov 2005 4:20:40 UTC 22 Nov 2005 20:09:03 UTC Over Success Done 15,556.78 47.62 47.62
526811 463335 21 Nov 2005 2:13:26 UTC 22 Nov 2005 9:06:02 UTC Over Success Done 15,575.95 61.50 61.50
520208 456732 16 Nov 2005 8:57:56 UTC 17 Nov 2005 17:44:14 UTC Over Success Done 15,564.34 47.04 47.04
520104 456628 16 Nov 2005 6:45:33 UTC 17 Nov 2005 13:10:32 UTC Over Success Done 15,557.63 61.59 61.59
Where do the jumps for credits come from?

Or this one:

How much these computers must be overclocked to get such speed values and these high credits?
4) Message boards : Problems and Help : Good job Rytis (Message 428)
Posted 5903 days ago by Nasicus
As just seen here ( again: you're doing a great job, really.

5) Message boards : Problems and Help : Weird Host (Message 426)
Posted 5903 days ago by Nasicus
This morning I had some "PC"s but PC has been replaced by the correct name when a result was uploaded.
6) Message boards : Problems and Help : where are the input data? (Message 203)
Posted 5911 days ago by Nasicus
I'm just curios: where are the input data?
The file contains the same for every WU whereas the message7.result allways is different.

7) Message boards : Problems and Help : hosts visible or hidden (Message 200)
Posted 5911 days ago by Nasicus
Hidden hosts are no longer exported, statistics data has been regenerated. The hosts should be hidden in the stats sites during the next update.

Wow, congratulations, you are really doing a good job.

8) Message boards : Problems and Help : hosts visible or hidden (Message 193)
Posted 5911 days ago by Nasicus
Under Message@Home preferences I put the switch to do not show hosts on website. The statistics are given to other websites like boincsynergy and there the number of hosts accordingly should show 'hidden'.

9) Message boards : Number crunching : Time Estimates (Message 180)
Posted 5911 days ago by Nasicus
On my P3 900 estimation was 1:03 but it took 1:50.

P4 1.8GHz estimated 0:55 real 1:10
P3 1000MHz 0:55 1:40
AMD (?) 1160MHz 0:46 1:20

What I like: the prediction is quite precise when just a few percent are done.

10) Message boards : Problems and Help : Message@Home preferences (Message 167)
Posted 5911 days ago by Nasicus
The preferences for other locations are ignored. I can add preferences for school, put another value than the default value for resource share, assign the location of a computer to school and update the project on this computer but the resource share does not change.

Bug or feature? ;-)


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