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11) Message boards : General discussion : Primegrid computing power (Message 78375)
Posted 2074 days ago by Profile Jeff17Project donor
What's the difference between "International" and "None"? Is that just a BOINC artifact of some sort?

International = user selected International as their "country"
None = user did not select a country
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Proposed badge level adjustment (Message 75214)
Posted 2186 days ago by Profile Jeff17Project donor
I like the idea of moving to one set of badge levels. There were reasons it made sense at the time but as has been stated most of those reasons don't exist anymore and having one set of levels would remove some user confusion.

I would also keep the current badge steps. While the progression steps are not consistent within each three levels you have the nice clean power of 10 increase between any 3 levels which people can understand/see easier than an 8 times increase.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : 2014 PrimeGrid Challenge Series ideas (Message 73044)
Posted 2250 days ago by Profile Jeff17Project donor
I favor #2 - move SOB to 28 days

#1 - removes too many people/computers. I think I would only have two or three computers (at reduced cores) capable of completing these new longer wus during the challenge. Many others would not have any computers capable so can't participate at all.

#3 - While this would keep the challenge at 15 days we have had a PSP challenge more recently and the task length is not growing as fast so we could do a 15 day PSP next year.

#2 - While 28 days is a very long challenge and we will most likely be running cleanup work into October I think this may be the best chance to run an SOB challenge and many people expressed interest in seeing a SOB challenge. For scoring it puts some more CPU points out to offset the GPU heavy GFN-WR + GFN.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : First mega prime of 2014! (Message 72259)
Posted 2268 days ago by Profile Jeff17Project donor
I will guess a Woodall, since we have not had one in a while.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Year of the Horse - Pony Express Edition (Message 71954)
Posted 2275 days ago by Profile Jeff17Project donor
(As of 2014-01-04 13:16:11)
The leading edge was at b=297788 at the beginning of the challenge.

(As of 2014-01-07 11:45:54 UTC)
The leading edge was at b=313798 at the beginning of the challenge.

Mike I love the updates on WUs but wanted to point out you seem to be moving the starting line.
16) Message boards : Problems and Help : cannot disable PPS(Sieve) GPU tasks (Message 68934)
Posted 2400 days ago by Profile Jeff17Project donor
At the top of the preferences page you need to uncheck the Use ATI and Use NVIDIA boxes.

There is a note about this on the preferences edit page just above the subprojects section.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : PrimeGrid's new server (again) (Message 68771)
Posted 2408 days ago by Profile Jeff17Project donor
Was likely DNS related. I was able to access the website just fine from one of my linux boxes runing boinc, but the client was getting that message. Restarting boinc-client cleared it up for me.

Some of the older Linux BOINC clients have problems with caching DNS entries. I know 6.10 series had the problem. I think it was fixed in the 6.12 series but it might not have been until 7.0 series.

Windows BOINC clients had the same DNS cache issue at some point but I think it was fixed for them before Linux. It has been too long to remember.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : PrimeGrid's new server (again) (Message 68721)
Posted 2410 days ago by Profile Jeff17Project donor
Does this move have anything to do with all the lost points on the Stats sites?
Everyone who has been contributing work recently has lost points (I have lost over 46,000 but others have lost many millions).

Yes there was an old set of stats files on the new server. This should correct itself once the stats cron is run on the new server.
19) Message boards : Sierpinski/Riesel Base 5 Problem : Someone completing WU's in 600 Seconds exact??!! (no runtime) (Message 66822)
Posted 2480 days ago by Profile Jeff17Project donor
Entries like this with no computer are usually inserted results that came from some other search that PG only needs to double check.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : New badge proposal - discuss! (Message 64829)
Posted 2525 days ago by Profile Jeff17Project donor
I like the new levels. If I am reading correctly I would have one jade and be more than half way to two turquoise, so this would add some more challenge to PG for me.

On color/names I see the black/onyx as a potential issue. In my mind I see black as the last badge so it would seem odd when new levels are needed (hopefully multiple years from now) to have additional levels above black. I don't have a different suggestion and could adjust if I ever had to deal with earning a badge beyond onyx.

I am in favor of implementing as proposed all at once.

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