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1) Message boards : UK BOINC Team message board (Message 122247)
Posted 467 days ago by Woodles
Hello :D
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : Can't have 'Use CPU' selected without having to keep downloading WUs (Message 39406)
Posted 3100 days ago by Woodles
Up until now, I've only been running PPS(seive) on both CPU and GPU of this computer with the 'send work from other projects' tick box blank. Worked perfectly happily for months.

I changed my PPS(seive) preferences to just GPU to allow the CPU WUs to run down before the Dog Days of Summer Challenge but now I have Sophie Germain WUs downloading instead!

Having checked my preferences, I find I now have PPS(LLR) and Sophie Germain both selected for CPU in all preferences.

Deselecting them both and updating my preferences back to how they were has no effect, they're still selected.

Deselecting the 'Use CPU' check box allows me to finally clear them in the other preferences but not in the default preferences so now I'm having to use the 'work' preference.

Why do I have to constantly download WU's just because I may want to use the CPU sometime in the future?

I could understand maybe PPS(LLR) being a default as it's a 'Focus project' (whatever that may be) but why can't I clear the Sophie Germain box?
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