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1) Message boards : Project Staging Area : My first Prime found! (Message 33461)
Posted 3890 days ago by Andrew MaimanProject donor
Nice...I've only been running PrimeGrid for a week or so (recently restarted distributed computing after Watson's Jeopardy win and big donation from IBM to WCG of its winnings), and I was pleasantly surprised to receive not just one, but two top 5,000 prime notifications today:

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Separate preferences for CPU/GPU for each subproject (Message 33330)
Posted 3892 days ago by Andrew MaimanProject donor
Neat, it looks like we can now pick specific preferences for each sub-project specifically for CPU and GPU. I was planning to post on the forums tonight requesting such a feature and was surprised to see it already appeared today :-)

This is awesome, because I can set my preferences to run Sieve tasks only on GPUs (where they run much faster), and do primality testing only on the non-GPU machines. It also means I can let my GPU machine also do primality testing on the CPU without it also trying to download CPU-sieve tasks which take forever. It used to be that if I had the Sieve task enabled, it would always download both CPU & GPU tasks for that subproject.
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