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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Winter Solstice Challenge (Message 112583)
Posted 1205 days ago by RaymondFO*
What in the name of all that is holy are the top guys using as computers? How much money do they have to invest? I'm so envious, I'm also very happy that I'm not sitting at the bottom of the list.

Lot's of new, expensive GPUs. And lots of power.

Maybe some cloud-based GPUs too. (It's only three days.)

Plus the cold weather here this made this possible.
2) Message boards : General discussion : Linux 14% faster than Win for SGS (Message 104570)
Posted 1526 days ago by RaymondFO*
I can easily post the CPU time results as well. I use the run-time clock measurement since that accurately tells me how fast a task is submitted back to the project as that timing issue could be the difference between being a "prime finder" or a "double-checker". I do use the CPU time as a ratio to the run-time clock to determine the overall efficiency of each computer's ability to process a given CPU task.

I could do a comparison of Windows 8.1 / Ubuntu 16.04 dual boot box and post similar stats. Let me know if you are interested.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux: HOWTO install the Nvidia closed-source drivers for Nvidia GPU (Message 104540)
Posted 1527 days ago by RaymondFO*
I use the instructions from the Ubuntu handbook with the exception of changing the driver number for the specific driver in questions as this process has never failed me. Step one is not necessary for new OS installs, however you must uninstall all previous NVIDIA drivers using "sudo apt-get purge nvidia*" command before installation. Without that step, you should have a driver conflict that could cause major problems.
4) Message boards : General discussion : Linux 14% faster than Win for SGS (Message 104538)
Posted 1527 days ago by RaymondFO*
As of this writing and assuming all "Completed, waiting for validation" tasks will validate at 39.91 points per completed task, the Ubuntu OS, completed 105 tasks averaging 15.66882 minutes or 940.1293 seconds. The Windows 10 OS completed 28 tasks averaging 17.85223 minutes or 1,071.13 seconds.

The Ubuntu computer did have four tasks where the run times were significantly longer than either Ubuntu or Windows 10 with run times at 2,259.39, 2,298.18, 2,279.64, 2,331.29 and 2,319.41 seconds. It it unknown if these tasks were prime numbers which could increase the tasks run times.

Run times used above are defined as "run time" and not "CPU time".
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Nvidia Linux 64bit -- is dirver 375.26 OK? (Message 104417)
Posted 1529 days ago by RaymondFO*
Depends. There have been reports that other projects such as Folding@home and Collatz are having issues with NVIDIA drivers 375 and higher. I have not had any issues with PG GPU tasks with NVIDIA driver 375 and higher. If you want to be on the safe side, driver 370.28 should not pose any exceptions that I have encountered. The latest driver sometimes is not the best solution, for example when NVIDIA driver 364.xx and 365.xx were released.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Winter Solstice Challenge (Message 102406)
Posted 1573 days ago by RaymondFO*
Stats are on now.

FYI, whether the stats are produced or not doesn't affect the operation of the challenge. I intentionally leave the stats turned off when the challenge starts so that it doesn't impact the server, since for most challenges the challenge will start exactly when the stats would run, and there's often a huge demand on the server at that time.

After the rush at the beginning of the challenge is over, I turn the stats on.

Of course, since it's probably NOT wise to have an admin editing configuration files on the server WHILE SLEEPING, it was somewhat safer to, you know, wait until I woke up. :)...


Thank you for your detailed and very logical explanation.

7) Message boards : Number crunching : Winter Solstice Challenge (Message 102379)
Posted 1573 days ago by RaymondFO*
Any idea when we can see the team and individual stats? Been over 2 hours since the challenge started.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : 2017 PrimeGrid Challenge Series ideas (Message 102111)
Posted 1579 days ago by RaymondFO*
I just have two minor comments:

If GFN-15 does not count for total number of primes, then why not run GFN-17 high and/or GFN-18 instead?

If the new GCW-LLR project for whatever the reason is not ready, have a contingency sub-project proposed and ready to go now and not making this determination during 2017.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : 2016 PrimeGrid Challenge Series ideas (Message 97454)
Posted 1709 days ago by RaymondFO*
My take one this: shuffle ESP LLR in place of ESP SV and let the current ESP LLR spot open for AP27. This will most likely give us enough time to finish the necessary adjustments to the software and get it ready into production.

That's a viable possibility.

Sounds good to me. I like the idea of a kickoff challenge for AP27 too, but it's probably a good idea to make sure it's stable first.

Sounds like the best idea yet. This would give AP27 a little more leeway to get going and work out any possible kinks before an AP27 challenge.

Agreed. We don't want to rush a challenge and then find out halfway through that there's a bug, or certain devices don't work like they should, or some other problem.

If AP27 is not ready or stable, let's run 321 since it was not run last year.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Perseid Shower Challenge (Message 87466)
Posted 2055 days ago by RaymondFO*
Are you talking about the PrimeGrid Birthday challenge results in the Perseid Shower Challenge thread or am I missing something here? Thought Perseid Shower Challenge team ranking was Sicituradastra., Czech National Team and Aggie The Pew. The individual rankings were zunwantan, Scott Brown and RaymondFO*. I have been wrong before.

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