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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : Getting way too many WUs too handle in time (Message 68711)
Posted 3233 days ago by TonyV
I'm also getting a ridiculous amount of PrimeGrid work units lately and have tried everything to change that, but nothing works. And it is doing so on all of my client machines. I've let work units time out, I've aborted them multiple times in a row, I've reset the project a dozen times, I've even removed and reinstalled the project. Even changing my account preferences to NO GPU work does not stop these downloads of an impossible amount of GPU work!

The PG scheduler is still sending me forty or more 12 hour projects for my single old ATI GPU that have a deadline within the next two days. Obviously, the problem is on the PrimeGrid scheduler end. The scheduler is no longer paying any attention to preferences or benchmarks or common sense. The main problem with all of this is that due to the time deadlines, the client is prioritizing all the PrimeGrid work and none of my other projects are getting work done.
So I will simply suspend the PrimeGrid account until there is notification that this has been repaired.
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