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1) Message boards : Sophie Germain Prime Search : New prime (for me) (Message 31421)
Posted 3970 days ago by thommy3
You can't just delete primes from a "largest known" list. ;)
2) Message boards : Project Staging Area : Sierpinski/Riesel Base 5 Project (Message 30609)
Posted 3985 days ago by thommy3
He is an answer:
3) Message boards : News : New badge level (Message 30261)
Posted 3990 days ago by thommy3
Does it matter? How about brown, grey, yellow, pink, red ;)
4) Message boards : News : SR5 PRPNet Challenge - fourth and fifth prime! (Message 30154)
Posted 3993 days ago by thommy3
whether we will continue to get PSA credit for the efforts.

5) Message boards : Project Staging Area : The last 10 Days of 2010 PRPNet Challenge (Message 29986)
Posted 3998 days ago by thommy3
The first prime is found.
6) Message boards : News : World Record Primorial Prime (Message 29960)
Posted 3999 days ago by thommy3
My guess wouzld be normal tests are finding PRPs. Once a PRP is found, an deterministic test, giving prime or not prime as the result, has to be run. That's what's taking longer then.
7) Message boards : News : The Winter Solstice Challenge - Final (Message 29806)
Posted 4001 days ago by thommy3
In which way did it benefit the riesel prime search? I thought it was only PPS sieve.
8) Message boards : News : Prime found in The Riesel Problem!!! (Message 28587)
Posted 4023 days ago by thommy3
Has the k been removed from the llr queue?
9) Message boards : News : Prime found in The Riesel Problem!!! (Message 28482)
Posted 4026 days ago by thommy3
Awaiting the news. Any hints so far? It had been doublechecked at the time of the first post, right?
10) Message boards : The Riesel Problem : Riesel LLR probability vs. 321 LLR probability (Message 26484)
Posted 4095 days ago by thommy3
Riesel Sieve is and will be some months more in doublecheck territory of the original riesel sieve project. so it is unlikely a new prime is found. there were however primes at this n level.

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