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11) Message boards : Number crunching : Newcomer who is very confused (Message 13944)
Posted 4615 days ago by Marcus
I know, that's the problem. It's a Copy/Paste error in that post.

A Lucas-Lehmer test is a very effective way of checking whether a number is prime or not. The only drawback is that we only get results at the end. The algorithm runs the same amount of time on a composite or a prime, so it's a good idea to try and rule out a number before we jump on in with an LLR test. That's what sieve does, following the logic of the sieve of Eratosthenes. Get a small number, try to divide every candidate with it, throw out the composites. Repeat with a bigger number. Sieving prevents us from doing unnecessary LLR tests, so it speeds up the search in the long run, but you won't find primes with that, only factors for composite numbers. Now you've got an explanation from about 5 sources. :)

PPS should be pushed on the LLR side, I think. But someone with numbers will tell.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Newcomer who is very confused (Message 13922)
Posted 4616 days ago by Marcus
A little off-topic, but I've found a 0 day bug in the first post there: P, T and G both mean peta.
The program is called BOINC, it's a common mistake to call it bionic. BOINC stands for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. Oh, and welcome by the way. :)
13) Message boards : Project Staging Area : PrimeGrid's Projects (Message 10697)
Posted 4780 days ago by Marcus
How fast is the PPS sieve file shrinking? Will PPS sieve, at some day, be available though BOINC?
14) Message boards : General discussion : fully prime searched range? (Message 10664)
Posted 4783 days ago by Marcus
There's no point doing a comprehensive search, because we don't have the storage capacity for all those primes. At least until Google makes a free online service with infinite gigabytes, then we'll continue.
Anything we can guess about the distribution of primes, we can guess from the ones already known. If someone wants a certain sized prime, there are free programs for that. Primes of special forms are more interesting, because we can search for them faster, and they might be good for something sometime (a good excuse for anything in mathematics).
15) Message boards : General discussion : Riesel Sieve Project (Message 10505)
Posted 4794 days ago by Marcus
This one appeared on on Monday, Sep 01, 2008 8:54 pm.

"This is Lee. I will restore most of our severs at Riesel Sieve in the near future. 'Near Future' doesn't mean now...tomorrow...or two days from now. It may mean this weekend if I have the energy, time, and equipment/supplies to bring us back online. I regret the sudden suspension of our project with no notice. It was caused by forces outside my control and our project remained down until certain issues were taken care of. The last few weeks has only been laziness on my part and Bryan shouldn't be blamed for any of it. I look forward to restoring this project to its once former glory and I appreciate all the support and help each of you have given Riesel Sieve over the years. I apologize for the continued downtime since there is no valid reason beyond time and simple laziness for non-restoration from this point forward. I ask for patience but don't expect any...I would pretty jumpy too if I were in your place.

Look for servers to be up in the 'Near Future'

Lee Stephens
Riesel Sieve"
16) Message boards : General discussion : Does anyone here know what is happening to the Riesel Sieve Project? (Message 9855)
Posted 4828 days ago by Marcus
This one's the latest I've found:
Basically no one knows what or when will happen.
17) Message boards : Project Staging Area : LLRNet Stats Discussion (Message 8610)
Posted 4948 days ago by Marcus
Wow! I've found a prime!
Is that still doublecheck?
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