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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : 140+ PPS Sieve cuda 23 packets failed (Message 50714)
Posted 3775 days ago by Ocean Archer
Hi there --

I'm not the high-powered computer that some of the other individuals are, but I too am getting computational errors on PPS (Sieve) 1.39 (cuda23) as of the last couple of days. I'm not overclocking anything on my machine, yet this is happening ... but only on the cuda23 packets
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : Something wrong with host?!? (Message 4293)
Posted 5671 days ago by Ocean Archer
Mike --

I'm not sure, but it seems to me that your measured integer speed is way low. Also, the floating point speed seems low. No suggestions as to why, perhaps some of the "buldging brains" here on the forum can give you more suggestions. Good luck ....
3) Message boards : Problems and Help : Pending credits/ Wu not re-issued (Message 3683)
Posted 5834 days ago by Ocean Archer
As always, Rytis is on top of things and willing to communicate a clear answer to those who crunch --- thanks, Rytis
4) Message boards : General discussion : Goal.... (Message 1616)
Posted 6098 days ago by Ocean Archer
Congratulations on your accomplishment
5) Message boards : Problems and Help : Lost WU thread (Message 1455)
Posted 6120 days ago by Ocean Archer
I noticed that my number had not been changing lately, so I looked at my account page. I find many WUs listed as downloaded but not returned. To the best of my knowlwdge, with the exception of the few WUs I'm currently processing, all others have been returned.

The following numbers are missing:
51047, 51048, 51049, 51050, 51051, 51052, 60745, 60746, 60747, 60748, 60749 and 60750. Hopefully, these will time out and be reassigned, but I still don't know what happened ....
6) Message boards : Problems and Help : I can\'t activate my account (Message 1453)
Posted 6120 days ago by Ocean Archer
This thread is a very good example of effort and cooperation on the part of the project gurus -- I'm totally impressed.

Wish all the other BOINC projects would review the underlying concepts here and follow Rytis' lead ...
7) Message boards : General discussion : Cafe PrimeGrid (Message 1443)
Posted 6122 days ago by Ocean Archer
I'll go for the "croissant", but the cappuchino is too much for me. However, I will accept a large MountainDew, thank you ...
8) Message boards : Problems and Help : This is a puzzle ... (Message 1357)
Posted 6129 days ago by Ocean Archer
Well shucks --

Didn't work like I expected, so I had to disconnect from the project, clean out the leftover files, and reconnect to the project.

Lost five completed WUs, but I suspect they'll be redistributed to others for processing. Darn it, it should have worked by just redirecting the XML document, but I guess I did sumthin' wrong - oh well, at least I'm back on the track ...
9) Message boards : Problems and Help : This is a puzzle ... (Message 1355)
Posted 6130 days ago by Ocean Archer
To Cori and PoorBoy --

Now you understand my problem - because I have several WU that are completed, and I cannot return them under the current conditions.

Current plan is to (1)copy and save the files as they currently exist; (2)revise the XML document to point to; (3)allow no new work until queue is clear; (4)return XML document to original state; (5)disconnect and reconnect to primegrid.

Hope this works ...
10) Message boards : Problems and Help : This is a puzzle ... (Message 1346)
Posted 6130 days ago by Ocean Archer
I'm thinking I know what to do, but I'm asking for a little guidance anyhow --

One of my machines has stopped communicating with primegrid. The BOINC Messages go as follows:

9/17/2005 7:18:51 AM|PrimeGrid|Started upload of
9/17/2005 7:18:56 AM|PrimeGrid|Finished upload of
9/17/2005 7:18:56 AM|PrimeGrid|Throughput 2 bytes/sec
9/17/2005 7:29:31 AM||request_reschedule_cpus: project op
9/17/2005 7:29:31 AM|PrimeGrid|Fetching master file
9/17/2005 7:29:52 AM|PrimeGrid|Master file fetch failed
9/17/2005 7:29:52 AM|PrimeGrid|Too many backoffs - fetching master file
9/17/2005 7:29:53 AM|PrimeGrid|Deferring communication with project for 20 hours, 48 minutes, and 59 seconds

Now - I have looked at the master file pointer located in the XML document located in the BOINC folder, and it is here:


Since this machine will not obtain the masterfile, should I change the line in the XML document to read:


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