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1) Message boards : General discussion : VERY long times (Message 48459)
Posted 2870 days ago by Mike Faunce
I've made it to silver because I've been here for 5+ years and because I frequently have access to pre-production server hardware. But the majority if my time is on discarded PCs.

I don't have any PCs with useful GPUs. I would think that since I've only checked the CPU column that the servers would take that into account when handing out tasks.

I'm only participating in the following projects:
Proth Prime Search (LLR)
Sophie Germain Prime Search (LLR)
The Reisel Problem (Sieve)
Proth Prime Search (Sieve)
and I've only checked the CPU column. I selected these projects because they have the shortest run times. Unfortunately you can't see what the run times are now because of the current project.

I have let these tasks run, and the run time estimates seem accurate -- I've been days into a task and the elapsed + remaining still add up to 2400+.

As an example. I've got one right now that has 0h17m elapsed, 2642h58m remaining. PPS (Sieve) 1.39 pps_sr2sieve_43290843_0. This particular computer is a laptop with a T2500 @ 2GHz.

Should I just drop out of the PPS (Sieve) project?
2) Message boards : General discussion : VERY long times (Message 48306)
Posted 2871 days ago by Mike Faunce
Doesn't seem to have helped.

Stopped the client.
Edited the file.
Started the client.
Aborted the 2400+ hour tasks.
Updated project.
New 2400+ hour tasks in the list.

FYI tasks are "PPS (Sieve) 1.39"
3) Message boards : General discussion : VERY long times (Message 48281)
Posted 2871 days ago by Mike Faunce
I know my PCs aren't the fastest (older multi core P4s), so I've intentially selected the projects with the shortest work units. But, I'm still getting work units with projected completion times of 2400+ hours that are due in 4-6 days. I've been aborting them when I notice them, but it's a hassle.

Is there a way to tell the servers to stop sending those VERY long tasks?

Does it make sense to let my computer grind away on a 100+ day work unit that's due in 4-6 days? I'd assume by the time I'd return that unit that 2 other people would already have done them both and I'd not get any credit anyway.
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