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1) Message boards : Twin Prime Search : How to find out which primes you have found? (Message 8308)
Posted 5205 days ago by Profile David Duvall
My account page says I found a TPS prime. Nice enough. How do I find out which task did this? Can't find anything in logs or on the web, and didn't get an email. So, it could be a doublecheck, but how do I even find out? Very odd...

I'm concerned that you stated you didn't get an email. When a computer registered to you finds a Prime an e-mail is generated and sent to you. Said e-mail gives step by step instructions on how to register your prime with, obtain verification, and credit.

Do you have your "spam" filter set to where you aren't receiving the notification e-mail? Have you changed e-mail addresses since you registered with PrimeGrid? Sorry that I'm not answering your direct question but, I think the lack of e-mail notification is important.

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