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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Compute Errors (Message 11933)
Posted 4802 days ago by Warren B. Rogers
Hello everyone,

I've been crunching for PrimeGrid now for a little over 1 year now and the last 3 WUs that I processed, 2 Woodall and 1 Cullen, have ended with a compute errors after going over 20 hours each. My question is, is have there been any changes in the WUs that is causing the failures these WUs because in the past I have completed several of both and haven't had this large amount of WUs failing. I have one more Woodall running should I abort this one and not accept Woodall or Cullen WUs or is it something that was isolated to just those WUs. Here are the 3 failed WUs -


Thank you for your help,

2) Message boards : Problems and Help : Not getting any WU (Message 7550)
Posted 5191 days ago by Warren B. Rogers
I see that you are attached to multiple projects. Maybe your client is busy with workunit from other projects and does not request any new work? If it request work from other projects it could be that it has recently done more for primgrid that it should do based on your ressource-share. If this is the case then the client won't request more work from primegrid until he has done more work for other projects in order to balance out your ressource share.

Thank you for your help it was about 4 days before I received new work and it does seem that it was due to the resource-share. I have it set to be even throughout all my projects and I had completed almost 7 in 2 days so BOINC was getting caught up with the other projects. Again thank you for your help.

Warren Rogers
3) Message boards : Problems and Help : Not getting any WU (Message 7514)
Posted 5196 days ago by Warren B. Rogers
Hello all I just recently started crunching for PrimeGrid. I got through 7 WUs with no problem and got credit for all of them but I haven't gotten any more since. I'm not getting any messages stating there is no work from the project and I have restart my BOINC client. I also have selected all programs to run in the preferences. It's been about two days since I've received anything. Can you help me out.

Thank you in advance,

Warren Rogers
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