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1) Message boards : Number crunching : 1070 and 480 (Message 96674)
Posted 2637 days ago by stellarfirefly
Try this thread

Heh, I did check that thread. It's not only specifically focused on the 1080 in its topic, but it also has no real mention of neither the 1070 nor 480. (Except for a single recommendation for someone to try them.)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : 1070 and 480 (Message 96629)
Posted 2639 days ago by stellarfirefly
I'm seeing neither the 1070 nor the 480 in the "Fastest GPUs" list yet. If anybody has grabbed themselves one of these yet, then how well are they performing for you with PrimeGrid? In particular, how do they compare with the previous generation, and how well do they perform in relation to their cost?
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