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1) Message boards : General discussion : Thermal Stress?, Easy fix (Message 150455)
Posted 126 days ago by Profile Tyler Yarger
Thanks I was kind of hoping for a better solution. I'll give it a try over the weekend with my buddy and see how it goes.

I also tried different types of multi-threading on PPS-LLR Mega and found that running 1 tasks per thread and leaving 1 thread opened yielded the best results so far (100 min per task, 11/12 threads used), compared to running 12 tasks on 12 threads (120 minutes per task). Putting more than 1 thread to a task hasn't helped for that project. If anyone has any other suggestions of optimizing PPS-LLR I'd love to here them. I want to try leaving 2 threads/1core unassigned and see if that helps even more.

I dont have much experience in this field and idk how an AMD processor differs in performance to a lot of the information I read in the forums which I assume is mostly Intel based. If anyone has some general pointers for AMD Ryzen, please share them here.

2) Message boards : General discussion : Thermal Stress?, Easy fix (Message 150445)
Posted 127 days ago by Profile Tyler Yarger
Hello World,

I am new here and wanted to share my experience with thermal issues that might help other novices like myself down the road.

For the record I am running
Win10/AMD Ryzen 5 3600/GTX 1660 on BONIC.

I had a lot of thermal issues trying to run both CPU and GPU on Ryzen balance power plan. I found that by going to Control Panel -> Power Plan advance options you can set maximum processor power to 99% (I did 95%). In doing so you prevent the factory CPU boost from activating, which is my case is jumping from 3.6GHz to 4 GHz. Since my CPU always runs under 3.6GHz now its voltage stays at 1V and my CPU rarely goes above 73C. I personally feel that AMD boost isnt worth all the added thermal stress. I'm trying to run a marathon not a sprint. Before it had hit 92C and I had to kill the task, now it caps at about 73C (Running 12 PPS-Mega tasks and GFN-17 running 100% CPU time).

I figure with AMD Boost I would average around 3.7 GHz since boost isnt always running (maybe someone has the real answer, just a guess) and at 95% power I run 3.4 GHz. So thats about a 10% performance cut for a 20C thermal drop.
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