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1) Message boards : Prime Sierpinski Problem : Doublechecks? (Message 27739)
Posted 4255 days ago by SlothProject donor
Is there another range of double checks being done? Seeing pending tests in the 4.4 mil range.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : PrimeGrid's Birthday/Summer Solstice Challenge (Message 24612)
Posted 4386 days ago by SlothProject donor
Shut down most of my home stuff the start of June. It has been 100F here (38c) most of the last week. My air conditioner went out early last week and the house was at 90f (32c) the next day when the guy finally was able to come by and fix it.

3) Message boards : General discussion : Really silly question.... (Message 19911)
Posted 4579 days ago by SlothProject donor
Having been lucky to find a couple big primes (12 and 14 at the time)... No you do not get to name them. The project and software get recognition (they are the ones doing all the real work) As the finder your name does end up as one of the 5-6 names on it though.
If you set it up the PG does noy submit your finds then you set up the prover code (the names on it) so you could put in a different name if you wanted.

Hoping to add to g414 soon!!

4) Message boards : Project Staging Area : PRPNet Port 10000 (Message 15113)
Posted 4817 days ago by SlothProject donor
I think I have everything switched over to port 10K. I plan on leaving them on it until after the competition is over next week. Once the dust settles from that and PSP has recieved the updates I'll be going back to my next range over there. I am guessing I will be here for another 10-11 days.

5) Message boards : Project Staging Area : PRPNet Port 10000 (Message 15012)
Posted 4820 days ago by SlothProject donor
I think I broke something :P I have about half my stuff falling back to 10k. It will be about a week before I swap over to a new range for PSP.
6) Message boards : Project Staging Area : PRNet Discussion( Old ) (Message 13382)
Posted 4895 days ago by SlothProject donor
If maxworkunits=1 is used do you still see prpnet sending in all work on restart? I don't have a client I can play with right now but using it with the small maxworkunits I have seen the work resume from the z file rather then dumping everything.

7) Message boards : Number crunching : Laptop Overheating (Message 13031)
Posted 4905 days ago by SlothProject donor
If the cpu fan is working hard when you are just sitting at the desktop then you have a dust problem. If the fan is running full speed and you can not feel any air coming out the vents on the back then you have a dust problem.
The heatsink on the laptop is a great spot for catching hair and lint. It builds up between the fan and the inside of the heatsink. The fan runs at 100% but no air is moving across the heatsink.
With no air movement the cpu quickly heats up and the system will shut down to keep things from burning up. There is a lot more then just the cpu getting cooked even if the cpu can run at 100c.

8) Message boards : Project Staging Area : PRPNet BETA (Message 12957)
Posted 4909 days ago by SlothProject donor
I have it running as a service on several machines. The catch is that you can not shut it down quickly. You can kill the prpnet app but it will not kill the child app until it finishes the current test - cllr will run until it finishes its work.
Microsoft has a utility so you can run any executable as a service. You are looking for srvany.exe and instsrv.exe.
9) Message boards : Project Staging Area : PRPNet BETA (Message 12684)
Posted 4921 days ago by SlothProject donor
The client is abandoning all work when it gets restarted. If you have completed work it will send that in but drops all partially finished or non started work.

I let the client run and finish a couple tests then closed the window with ctrl-c. Waited a few seconds and restarted prpclient-1.0.5.exe. It started up and reported the completed work but reported the rest abandoned. It then did not restart the test that was 1/2 completed when I closed the client. The LLR client is leaving behind the Z files though.

On these short tests it is not too bad but on the ones that take 36+ hours to complete there will be a lot of partially finished tests that get thrown out.

10) Message boards : Number crunching : Chances of Finding a prime? (Message 11924)
Posted 4958 days ago by SlothProject donor
I seem to have better luck then what the others have mentioned. So far 6 primes (no new ones) from PPS from about 34K tests. Most of those were from the challenge last week. The current primes were in the 3500 range on the top 5000 but were old primes. I have also been very lucky with PSP. 2 primes there in about 11k tests. There are people who got into the project early with over 40K tests and no primes.


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