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1) Message boards : Project Staging Area : Detailed stats for PRPNet (Message 34482)
Posted 3471 days ago by Gurney

Try this address.. they changed servers

Thanks. That address works just fine.
2) Message boards : Project Staging Area : Detailed stats for PRPNet (Message 34479)
Posted 3471 days ago by Gurney
What happened to stats page
It's not working since yesterday.
3) Message boards : Sieving : ppsieve ATI/OpenCL testing (Message 28278)
Posted 3593 days ago by Gurney
like I asked some posts ago: is anybody able to get work using the official app (without app_info.xml)??

I am not able to get any work, and I would like to dismiss app_info.xml...

(Catalyst 10.11 APP, GPU fully working also in OpenCL but NOT on this project...)

I've got the same problem. I tried with app_info.xml and everything worked just fine. Without I get only messages :"No work sent" and "No work available for the applications you have selected. Please check your project preferences on the web site."
(Catalyst 10.11, SDK2.2, OpenCL)
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Incredible high claim (Message 24417)
Posted 3750 days ago by Gurney
And this computer is even better: Measured integer speed: 99999.61 million ops/sec. Wow. :-)
5) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : PPS Sieve (Message 20515)
Posted 3897 days ago by Gurney
Please enable PPS Sieve for my account.
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