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1) Message boards : Number crunching : PSP finds Mega Prime!!! (Message 9873)
Posted 4432 days ago by [AF>EDLS>BIOMED] Heyoka
Thank John, I try to explain this in french :
2) Message boards : Number crunching : PSP finds Mega Prime!!! (Message 9842)
Posted 4434 days ago by [AF>EDLS>BIOMED] Heyoka
The current sieving depth is p=7.2P. When PrimeGrid started last October, sieving was at p=1.5P. A nice goal would be to reach p=10P by the one year anniversary. Based on the progress so far, this looks like a very realistic goal. :)

What does "p" and "P" mean ?
3) Message boards : General discussion : des francais ? (Message 7965)
Posted 4656 days ago by [AF>EDLS>BIOMED] Heyoka
a cool je me sent moins seul :)

On n'est sourtout ici :

Le francophone est une esp├Ęce qui s'aventure peu sur les forums anglophones [:o
4) Message boards : General discussion : Some stats (Message 5875)
Posted 4842 days ago by [AF>EDLS>BIOMED] Heyoka

does anybody really read this or am I really prime-sick?? :-)

I have translate your post in french : (third news)


5) Message boards : Number crunching : SETI.Germany takes #1 spot (Message 5812)
Posted 4858 days ago by [AF>EDLS>BIOMED] Heyoka
No fight for l'Alliance Francophone until September
we have just finished a "RAID" on World Community Grid (10 May - 1 June)

And the ABC fight with the Aussies (1 - 15 February)
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