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1) Message boards : Project Staging Area : PRPNet Help (Message 129935)
Posted 29 days ago by rogue
If I receive a task on PRPNet but then don't run PRPNet for a few days and the task expires (3 days for k=27), the next time I start PRPNet, will it drop the task and download a new one, or will it run the invalidated task anyway? If it's the latter, will I still receive credit for it?

It depends upon the startoption in your prpclient.ini file.

// startoption= tells the client what to do when starting up and there is work that has // not been completed and returned to the server. The accepted values are: // 0 - prompt // 1 - Return completed work units, abandon the rest, then get more work // 2 - Return completed work units, abandon the rest, then shut down // 3 - Return completed, then continue // 4 - Complete inprogress work units, abandon the rest, then get more work // 5 - Complete inprogress work units, abandon the rest, then shut down // 6 - Complete all work units, report them, then shut down // 9 - Continue from where client left off when it was shut down

FYI, pfgw 3.7.10 was the last version of pfgw32. There will be no new versions of pfgw32 and the ability to build pfgw32 will be completely dropped in the next release of pfgw. Not one person has asked for a new build of pfgw32 in nearly four years. If you still have an 32-bit OS, then you will have to continue running the old software.
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : how i can do my own primes? (Message 126484)
Posted 138 days ago by rogue
To get your feet wet, if you want to search for primes that won't be redoing anyone else's work, check out and specifically You can search for Woodall primes of the form n*383^n-1. To do this you will need to learn how to sieve (using gcwsieve) and how to use llr. Fortunately you can do this with a lot of trial and error, but once you figure that out you will appreciate more how projects like this work.
3) Message boards : Proth Prime Search : Where are PPS mega k=15 to 99? (Message 126482)
Posted 138 days ago by rogue
Some of this history is also tied to the old website. I maintained the Proth search reservations and updates for Ray Ballinger for years until he passed. Interest was waning in that search so PrimeGrid took it over. Jim and I worked together so that PrimeGrid would avoid poaching work done by the few remaining searchers using prothsearch. But after Ray passed, I saw no reason to continue the manual work at Now PrimeGrid has sole ownership over this search, which has been a huge boon to search.
4) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : The SoB Double Check has begun (Message 125246)
Posted 155 days ago by rogue
I don't understand what "No-Res" means. If the candidate has been tested and double-checked, how could there be no residue?
5) Message boards : 321 Prime Search : 321 Sieve (Message 124674)
Posted 167 days ago by rogue
OK, I gotcha. I just remember reading about your new sieve program(s) awhile back and there seemed to be some optimism that we could "freshen" PG sieving with new speed/instruction support, etc.

Both gcwsieve and mfsieve are built upon the mtsieve framework and should be faster than the previous versions.

I'm looking into the possibility of integrating srsieve/sr1sieve/sr2sieve into the framework.

It would be interesting if other developers used mtsieve as the framework for other forms to see if there is any improvement in speed, but none have shown interest.
6) Message boards : 321 Prime Search : 321 Sieve (Message 124669)
Posted 167 days ago by rogue
Excellent news! a sense. While I look forward to moving that bronze stain off my badge list and getting something brighter, I have one pre-AVX cpu left: A Xeon X5675. It's been relegated to sieving only (if there isn't an SGS/PPSE challenge) and I was going to finally retire the system (most of it still being the original i7-920 build from 2009) after GCW sieve ended, but now, I suppose it's gotten a stay of execution so long as we're using the old sieve program. Or is mtsieve going to make its debut here?

I don't see an mtsieve program that's appropriate. fbncsieve uses a fixed b, n and c value with variable k. fkbnsieve is fixed k, b n with variable c. None of the others are appropriate. Feel free to point out if I'm missing something there.

Correct, none of the programs built upon mtsieve support fixed k/variable n sieves, aka srsieve/sr1sieve/sr2sieve. Integrating srsieve into mtsieve will take a lot of work.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : 2019 Challenge Voting (Message 122760)
Posted 217 days ago by rogue
IMO, any project that has a well-defined boundary is a good candidate for a challenge. The two projects that come to mind are:

    PPS - because once n reaches PPS Mega territory, then PPS Mega can be shut down
    GFN17 Low - because once b reaches GFN17 Mega territory, then there will be only one GFN17 sub-project

The difficulty with PPS is that there are millions of tests left to reach PPS Mega.

It would be nice to not only know when the last challenge was for a project, but when the last prime was found. This clearly has more value for projects where primes are more rare, such as SoB, Cullen, and GCW.

If you really want people to vote, then I suggest you use a weighted voting system. Each person who votes rates projects from 1 to x, with x being the number of projects and no two projects have the same weight. That tells you the projects that should have challenges. You then provide a system where they can decide the length of each chosen project, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 14 days, etc. Once that is done you just need to put them on the calendar.

8) Message boards : Project Staging Area : prpclient settings, not taking startupoption setting 6 now.... (Message 121225)
Posted 250 days ago by rogue
The client is not sensitive to line endings. It strips off \n and \r from lines that it reads.

You can use a tool like NotePad++ to show the invisible characters.
9) Message boards : Project Staging Area : PFGW after LLR? (Message 121159)
Posted 251 days ago by rogue
LLR can detect primality of these numbers. pfgw should only be doing the GFN testing as it is run with the -gxo switch.
10) Message boards : Project Staging Area : prpclient settings, not taking startupoption setting 6 now.... (Message 121154)
Posted 252 days ago by rogue
Do you have the same startoption for both clients?

Are there any trailing characters on the startoption line for the client that doesn't work? I'm suspecting that the client isn't parsing that line correctly.

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