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1) Message boards : Sieving : Manual sieving on AMD OCL warning message (Message 111059)
Posted 1705 days ago by DarrellProject donor
Does anyone one know if the warning message shown in the pdf screen capture is normal or is something to be concerned about:!ArIvftV8roEaggFsNdmWTkrDbEsq
2) Message boards : Number crunching : For the betterment of BOINC (Message 109305)
Posted 1785 days ago by DarrellProject donor
Somewhere back in the early version six, 2010 or 2011. Possibly even earlier.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : For the betterment of BOINC (Message 109296)
Posted 1786 days ago by DarrellProject donor

Please, Please, Please...the ability to turn off BOINC Notices!!! These can be unbelievably annoying and problematic on installs where it isn't one's personal machine (e.g., I have permission to run this on my mother's desktop, but the BOINC notices confuse her. And, no, a service install isn't an option since GPU work is being done). Better yet, a notice free version to install to begin with.

Advanced view, click on Options tab, click on Other options, set notice reminder to Never.
4) Message boards : Problems and Help : 4095 MB VRAM (Message 108987)
Posted 1809 days ago by DarrellProject donor
Actually it is not a Boinc limitation as Boinc reports my RX 480 card as having 8192MB or 8gigs of memory. The problem is that the all the projects build 32-bit OpenCl apps which can only report at most 4gigs of memory. Then the gpu vendors limit the amount of OpenCL in their drivers, which for my RX 480 is 3gigs. In order to be able to report the full 8gigs of memory and use it, a GPU app would need to be a compiled 64-bit version.
5) Message boards : Problems and Help : Frequent display driver crashes when running primegrid (Message 108863)
Posted 1820 days ago by DarrellProject donor
Problem sounds like the infamous TDR delay timeout, usually this is experienced more on AMD GPUs. Wagnard who created DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) has also created a small program for manipulating the Windows registry settings to counteract this problem, if you don't want to change the registry yourself. Here is a link to his description and download.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : HD6670 & RX480, driver problem (Message 108162)
Posted 1860 days ago by DarrellProject donor
Your problem is that the latest drivers which recognize the RX480 (and also the HD6670) use OpenCL 2.0 which your HD6670 can not run. The only way to get them both to work is to use a modified driver where you would use a driver for the RX480 and replace the OpenCL 2.0 version with a 1.2 version. You can check the Guru3d forums to see if anyone has one or you can download from there the modding program and do it yourself.
7) Message boards : Problems and Help : AMD 295X2 unable to get opencl work? (Message 75989)
Posted 2985 days ago by DarrellProject donor
Tried updating the drivers again to night, had the CAL, but opencl was broken, so system restored to working configuration.
8) Message boards : Problems and Help : AMD 295X2 unable to get opencl work? (Message 75987)
Posted 2986 days ago by DarrellProject donor
I tried installing the latest drivers yesterday also, but had to restore back to an earlier version. My problem is that I use my integrated HD3000 along with an HD5850, and trying to get the new drivers to work is very time consuming. AMD may be dropping CAL, but the three CAL files are still in the new driver. Boinc's inability to see them means that AMD has made some change to them that will take the Boinc developers sometime to decipher. The same thing happened with the XP drivers, AMD made a change around version 12.1 that stopped boinc from seeing them before they removed them completely at 12.6.
9) Message boards : Problems and Help : Can anyone explain this result? (Message 75949)
Posted 2987 days ago by DarrellProject donor
From Ageless on the discussion of this problem with an Eistein@Home app:

With thanks, David added a possible fix for this problem for a future (BOINC 7.3/7.4) client:

client: don't include GPUs that lack OpenCL/Cal/CUDA when main GPU has it

E.g.: if the "best" AMD GPU can do OpenCL, don't include AMD GPUs that can't,
even if use_all_gpus is set.
Otherwise lots of jobs will error out.

I did point out extra that none of your work erred, but that it merely showed as if it ran on the HD3000 --as near as I can figure it-- while in reality it ran on the HD5850. The above fix will probably fix that as well.


There is however a caveat here. Apparently BOINC showing work being done on the wrong GPU is either a problem with the science application(s), or with the BOINC API. To be continued.
10) Message boards : Problems and Help : Can anyone explain this result? (Message 75919)
Posted 2988 days ago by DarrellProject donor
Since boinc is the one doing the crunching I would use it's data as fact and the rest as an anomaly and just move on. You are crunching with your machine and it is working, beyond that does it really matter which gpu it crunches on?

It matters because at the current time Boinc is saying that I have two Seti on device 0 (HD5850) and an Einstein CasA and a Genefer on device 1 (HD3000). All four tasks are opencl and the ones on the HD3000 should fail. Boinc as the scheduler for the apps which do the crunching should not have anomalies.

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