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11) Message boards : AP26 - AP27 Search : AP27 Closing??? (Message 133402)
Posted 280 days ago by HomefarmProject donor
Firstly I am a fan of the AP search, since I joined in April 19 I have concentrated on it. However I do sometimes feel a bit guilty about burning so much electricity, with it's associated negative effects. If there is a real mathematical benefit for AP28 then let's keep it going. If not an indulgence in gaining peoples's interest and badge collecting may not justify the CO2 produced??
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Oktoberfest Challenge (Message 133276)
Posted 285 days ago by HomefarmProject donor
Thank you for organizing the Oktober Fest, great crunching!

I have residuals downloaded during the competition in work caches on 2 PCs.

I can finish these work units, but do they count as valid in the results please? If not the CPU units could be aborted as they are slower, to be re-issued to another user to help a cleaner finish?

I think I have a 24 waiting to validated, here's hoping!
13) Message boards : Number crunching : How much faster should a 2080 Ti be over a1080 Ti? (Message 130886)
Posted 367 days ago by HomefarmProject donor
HI I just completed my first DYFL, and got the following result.

1009262222 967332 4 Jul 2019 | 16:52:30 UTC 5 Jul 2019 | 15:30:14 UTC Completed, waiting for validation 81,203.65 1,219.89 pending Do You Feel Lucky? v3.21 (OCLcudaGFNEXTREME)

I ran it without any other BOINC cores, as suggested on a post here somewhere, so the GPU had pretty much all of the available cache space, except when casually using the PC for emails etc.

It's MSI Ventus 2080ti running at 1815 Mhz. The CPU I7-9900K runs about 4.75, with 3200 ram sticks.
14) Message boards : AP26 - AP27 Search : AP 27 Search (Message 129651)
Posted 413 days ago by HomefarmProject donor
Hi, I joined PG about 1 month ago, (April 2019), and have found about 150 AP. As the list grows it's more difficult to identify the individual records. As a member of CSF, I report each find with a screenshot record. Any chance of a mre friendly search sequence in the list. Thanks.
15) Message boards : Problems and Help : Macintosh AMD Radeon no OpenGL problem (Message 129313)
Posted 423 days ago by HomefarmProject donor
HI, Firstly may I state that I am not any kind of expert on Mac Osx. I am running 10 year old cheesegrater Mac Pros under Mojave, The only fails I get are with Gen19 and 20. The AMD drivers are bundled in the Mac OSX I believe, I have found many AP27, they work well. My GPUs are Vega 56, Vega 64, and RX570 under Mojave.
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